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45 Delicious Foods That Start With T

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Being a cooking enthusiast or a chef comes with knowing various delicacies both local and international. And not just knowing them, you must understand how to prepare them.

So, are you wondering if there are foods that start with your favorite letter T? Well, there are plenty of them. Here is a list of 45 foods that start with T and how to prepare them.

delicious foods that start with t

1.  Tartare

1 foods that start with t

This is a type of meat or fish that you can typically serve raw or close to raw. It includes steak or beef tartare. It is flavored using ingredients and not cooked.

On top is a raw egg yolk which gives it a rich and creamy taste. Try out this synonymous, elegant, and luxurious French cuisine.

2.  Tapenade

2 foods that start with t

How about this olive-based spread typical that is available in Mediterranean cuisine? Try out this ancient snack and appetizer that is consumed across the entire globe.

You can spread over bread, crackers, and crostini. Top this delicious snack in your dishes.

3.  Tabbouleh

3 foods that start with t

The salad lovers, this is for you. The recipe is a mixture of tomatoes, parsley, onions, mint, lemon juice, olive oil, and bulgar wheat.

It can be served with chicken, barbecued lamb, or can as well be done traditionally with lettuce.

4.  Table Spread

4 foods that start with t

This is just like butter, margarine, or any spread that you can make from healthy plant oils. They’re very healthy since they contain less fat.

5.  Tacos

5 foods that start with t

Are you in love with Mexican food? Well, Taco got you covered. This food consists of small hand-sized corn with filling.

You can fill it with minced meat, fish, chicken, and anything friendly to vegetables. Dress it with tomatoes, onions, salsa, and lettuce for better taste.

6.  Tahini

6 foods that start with t

Here are other Mediterranean dishes that are natively from the Middle East. It is a very thick paste or spread sesame seeds. It’s very rich in nutrients but contains very low calories, with a light and nutty flavor.

7.  Tamari

7 foods that start with t

This is one of the famous soy sauces in Japanese. They use special fungus called Koji and brine to ferment soybeans.

This can be the best choice for a dip, given that it is flavored. It’s gluten-free. Very nutritious.

8.  Tart

8 foods that start with t

Try out this baked dish filled on the pastry base and a top not covered with pastry. You can either get sweet or savory fillings, but most fillings are fruit-based or custard.

9.  Tea Oil

9 foods that start with t

This is oil made from the seeds of tea [camellia oleifera]. It is rich in monosaturated content and low in saturated fats, making it very healthy. It also reduces joint inflammation since it contains high omega nine fatty acids.

10. Tempeh

10 foods that start with t

Try out this food made from culturing the soybeans until they’re in cake form. After that, you can deep fry, stir fry, bake or grill depending on your preference.

You can never miss out on the nutty flavor and chewy texture of this delicious.

11. Tempura

11 foods that start with t

Treat yourself to Japanese veggies and seafood, which is lightly battered and deep-fried. You can prepare it at home by using ingredients such as shrimp, squid, veggies like eggplant, potatoes or sweet potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and green bell peppers.

12. Teriyaki

12 foods that start with t

Walk-in any Japanese restaurant and order this tasty food to experience the taste of Japan. You can also learn how to cook it and try it in your kitchen.

This delicious food can be beef, fish, or chicken boiled or grilled over coals. It’s then marinated with soy sauce, sugar, and mirin.

13. Terrine

13 foods that start with t

Do you have a cooking pot in your kitchen? This French cuisine is cooked in a covered pottery mold. Usually, it’s a forcemeat or aspic. But you can change that since it doesn’t have to be meat or any animal fat anymore.

You can use a pot for cooking several delicious dishes to bring that meat-like texture. You can cook your veggies, mushrooms, or even fruits.

14. Tetrazzini

14 foods that start with t

As you prepare your weekend diet, whether you are eating out or cooking at home, ensure you include this tasty meal in your diet. It is simply a mushroom and any other seafood.

You can also dice your poultry with some cream or cheese sauce to keep your diet heavy. Serve your Tetrazzini over pasta, spaghetti, noodles, fried onions, parsley, and breadcrumbs.

15. Tiramisu

15 foods that start with t

Visit any Italian restaurant and treat yourself to this delicacy. It is a popular no-bake cake that serves as a dessert. You can make it by combining a lady’s fingers dipped in espresso with sweetened mascarpone cream.

Maybe you’re wondering about the ladyfingers. These are finger-shaped sponge cakes that are dry and sweet.

16. Tisane

16 foods that start with t

Food is not only known for quenching hunger, they perform medicinal purposes in your body. The relaxation you get after using this herbal tea is excellent.

This herbal tea is made by infusing different herbs apart from tea Camellia Sinensis. The plant’s parts include flowers, crushed seeds, roots, fruits, stems, and leaves.

17. Tofu

17 foods that start with t

Make your savory soup sweeter by applying Tofu. It is prepared by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the curd into blocks. You can make your blocks depending on your preference. You can make them firm, extra firm, or soft.

18. Turmeric

18 foods that start with t

Why miss out on this ginger family spice in your food and tea? Don’t throw away your food simply because it tastes bad. Instead, spice it up with turmeric.

Its natural color just pops in food. The health benefits include pain relief, aiding digestion, and anti-inflammatory properties.

19. Turkey

19 foods that start with t

This is among the popular poultry meat you can come across. The native of North America consumed it for cultural significance. It hasn’t lost its cultural significance since it is common in Thanksgiving and Christmas events.

The native poultry meat contains low fat when you remove the skin. It contains selenium, serotonin, and amino acids which are very important to the body.

20. Tortilla

20 foods that start with t

By just using water and flour, you can make tortilla. It’s very thin and circular. In the olden days, they were made with light corn flour known as masa harina.

Many households in Latin American still make their tortillas this way. It’s also available in many supermarkets across North America.  You can as well make yours at home.

21. Tripe

21 foods that start with t

Try out this stomach lining of a ruminant animal. Maybe to gag your mind, ruminant animals include cows, sheep, and goats. Pig’s stomach is tripe, although it’s not ruminant.

Cooking takes a long time; hence, you must prepare for proper cooking. It develops a silky texture when well prepared and soaks up the flavors you cook it with.

22. Tuna

22 foods that start with t

Tuna is a loved fish all over the globe. These are very large fish that are rich in protein and healthy fats.

Their high on food chain makes them vulnerable to mercury contamination. Quite unfortunate. However, it’s a mild, tender, and versatile fish you can ever come across.

23. Turbot

23 foods that start with t

Still on fish, there is also turbot. It is a flatfish with a bright white flesh and delicate flavor. You’ll find them in the North Atlantic and large European seas.

Try to keep some on your farm to provide you with endless delicacy.

24. Turkey Tail Mushrooms

24 foods that start with t

This type of mushroom is commonly used for medicinal purposes but not good for culinary purposes. It can still be cooked and eaten just like other edible mushrooms.

You can also make fresh or dried mushrooms into hot tea. It grows on trees in the shape and coloring of an opened turkey’s tail, and that’s where the name turkey tail came from.

25. Trumpet Mushrooms

25 foods that start with t

Mushrooms play a significant role in the human diet, and that’s why they come in varieties. This is another part of the oyster mushroom family.

You can compare them to seafood and a hearty and earthly flavor due to their meaty texture. You don’t need to eat meat if you have them around.

26. Truffles

26 foods that start with t

Here is another type of gourmet mushroom which you cannot rule out because of its meaty taste.

You can also convert it to truffle oil. It comes in varieties such as white, black, and garlic. Their earthly flavor and rich fragrance rate them common on the food market.

27. Tremella Mushrooms

27 foods that start with t

This is one of the prettiest mushrooms around the globe. They’re snow white and almost look like a bath loofah growing out of the earth, giving them the name snow fungus. Their mild, sweet flavor and gelatinous texture make them tasty.

28. Tonka Bean

28 foods that start with t

Improve your diet with these black, wrinkly legumes, which look similar to large raisins. Their smell is welcoming.

They’re highly aromatic and smell like vanilla, cinnamon, and cherry. Their flavor is similar to that of smoky caramel vanilla. They can be very harmful if taken in large quantities.

29. Tilapia

29 foods that start with t

This is a white-fleshed fish that is quite prized because of its mild flavor, which is not overly fishy.

It’s farmed in freshwater, making it readily available and affordable compared to other wild-caught fish.

30. Tapalapa Bread

30 foods that start with t

Try out this West African traditional bread which is similar to a baguette. You can eat it anytime you like but most preferably use butter to have it at breakfast.

31. Tabil

31 foods that start with t

This is a sweet dish from Tunisia. It consists of ground coriander seed, caraway seed, garlic powder, and chili powder.

You can also spice your meal by adding crushed red pepper flakes. It is quite delicious.

32. Tajine

32 foods that start with t

This is simply a Maghreb dish that is a slow-cooked stew. You can make it with tender meat, aromatic vegetables, and a sauce cooked in a traditional tajine pot.

Try out this Moroccan casserole. When cooked, it produces strong and fragrant flavors.

33. Tapioca Pudding

33 foods that start with t

Lovers of pudding are also not left behind on foods starting with t. Give yourself a treat with this sweet pudding. You can prepare it with tapioca, milk, and cream.

34. Thieboudienne

34 foods that start with t

Enjoy this delicious traditional sweet dish whenever you tour Senegal in West Africa. Make it with fish, rice, tomato sauce, and add onions, carrots, cassava, peanut oil, and cabbage. Very easy to prepare and makes a perfect homemade meal.

35. Tomato Bredie

35 foods that start with t

Have some stew made of mutton and seasoned with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and chili. You can intermingle both veggies and meat flavors.

This fewer bones and fat meat is rolled in flour and then browned before adding vegetables. Don’t eat it immediately if you want to improve its flavor.

36. Torta de gazpacho

36 foods that start with t

Bread also comes in varieties. This also another type of flatbread made with wheat flour with no yeast added. What a healthy bread! Give yourself a treat with this delicious Spanish delicacy.

37. Toum

37 foods that start with t

This is a garlic sauce made with garlic salt, olive oil, and crushed lemon. Use a wooden mortar and pestle to crush lemon. Condiment and a dip plus pungent raw garlic ensure it’s stable.

It’s perfect for grilled meat and kebabs. It can also be an alternative to mayonnaise. Always stick with fresh heads to get the best flavor if you want to prepare it at home.

38. Tuwo Shinkafa

38 foods that start with t

Here is another delicacy from West Africa, mainly in Northern Nigeria. It is a thick pudding meal that you can prepare by boiling rice, maize, or millet.

You then roll it up into a ball. You can serve it with soup.

39. Turo

39 foods that start with t

This is a type of banana fritter that is around the Asian continent. It comprises sliced banana and other fruit slices into a spring roll wrapper.

It’s then rolled in sugar and then deep-fried. Get yourself this sweet delicacy whenever you get home in the evening and wonder what to wind up your day with.

40. Tokneneng

40 foods that start with t

Enjoy yourself in the Asian restaurants with these hard-boiled chicken eggs. It is covered with orange-colored butter and then deep-fried. Serve it with sweet and sour sauce.

41. Tandoori Chicken

41 foods that start with t

This is a chicken dish you can prepare by roasting chicken then marinating it in yogurt and spices using a cylindrical clay oven.

You can serve it with rice, cucumber salad, grilled veggies, and roasted corn on the cob.

42. Takoyaki

42 foods that start with t

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack that is made from a wheat flour-based batter.

It then cooked in a more special molded pan filled with minced or even diced octopus, pickled ginger, green onion, and tempura scraps.

You don’t have to go to Japan to get your Takoyaki! Making it at home is very easy.

43. Tassot

43 foods that start with t

Try out this Haitian dish with cubed goat meat. You marinate the goat meat with onions, both lemon and orange juice. It’s then fried until it turns crispy brown.

Serve it with any other fritters. You can also serve it with any good sauce or something gravy because of its dryness due to long cooking.

44. Tlayuda

44 foods that start with t

Check out this simple-to-make meal. It consists of a large, thin, crunchy partially fried or toasted tortilla covered with a spread of refried beans.

Also, serve it with unrefined pork lad, lettuce, edible meat, avocado, Oaxaca cheese, and salsa. Why not make yours at home when you have all the requirements.

45. Theeyal

45 foods that start with t

Theeyal is a Kerala sauce made from a mixture of spices consisting of roasted coconut, coriander seeds, dried red chili, tamarind water, and fenugreek. You can serve it well with any side dish or rice.


foods that start with t

The above foods are easy to find and they also feature readily available ingredients. Not only can you see them in restaurants but you can prepare your own recipe at home.

Just make sure you have all the ingredients and follow the right procedure. You can also share this recipe with others.

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