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35 Foods that Start With Letter K

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Can you think of different foods that start with k? You probably know a few of them if you love trying different recipes. If you don’t we have a list of up to 35 foods that start with K that you should give a try. Let’s go.

1.  Kaffir lime for enhancing flavors

Kaffir lime is a citrus fruit that is mostly in Southeast Asia or southern China. Citrus fruits and their leaves are used in cooking and also a source of essential oils.

But they’re commonly used in Asian cuisine as flavor enhancers. If you put kaffir lime in your food, it will become tangy with citrus flavor.

Recipe: Kulinary Adventures Of Kath

2.  Kale helps boost your body’s nutrients level

It’s a leafy green plant that is a good source of nutrients. Kale has various vitamins like K, A, B6, C and an antioxidant.

It also has potassium and manganese, which is good for controlling your blood pressure and heart’s health. You can cook kales in different ways, either as a salad, smoothie, or raw.

Recipe: Allrecipes

3.  Kasha gluten-free

Kasha is a popular grain in Eastern Europe which you can use to make porridge or cereals. It’s a buckwheat groat that you roast to enhance its flavors.

If you cook kasha, it’ll give you a nutty flavor with a firm texture. It’s a good antioxidant that has high fiber content and is capable of protecting you against cancer.

Recipe: Natasha’s Kitchen

4.  Kava

Kava is a crop whose origin is in the pacific islands. It’s popularly used as a depressant drug since it’s capable of reducing the rate at which messages can travel between your brain and body.

It’s a bitter root that comes from the kava shrub. If you eat it, it’ll affect how you sleep and your moods. So, it’s advisable to take it in moderation.

Recipe: Cookpad

5.  Kahlua

Kahlua’s origin is in Mexico, and it’s a coffee-based liquor that is best served on the rocks in a glass with ice cubes. Stir the Kahlua in the ice cubes using a stick to make it cool down.

Suppose you want to enhance its taste and use orange zests, making it have a citrus hint. Preparing this drink is easy, and you can make it at home.

Recipe: Vegan in the freezer

6.  Kabobs

You can make kabobs by skewering cubes of meat and veggies onto sticks then fry or grill. But then there are several ways you can use to prepare kabobs which depend on your preference. It’s popular worldwide, although its origin is in the middle eastern.

Recipe: Allrecipes

7.  Kecap Manis

Kecap Manis, which is popularly known as soy sauce, originates from Indonesia. However, it’s darker than the sweet soy sauce.

It has a syrup consistency and molasses-like taste because of the sugar. To make Kecap Manis, you ferment soybeans, roasted grains, palm sugar, a given mold, and salt.

Recipe: Daring gourmet

8.  Easy to prepare Kedgeree

Kedgeree is a European dish that originated from India, where it only had rice and lentils. It consists of flaked fish, boiled eggs, parsley, butter or cream, and rice infused in curry.

Most people serve it for breakfast, although it can be for both dinner and lunch. You can use fish like haddock, salmon, or tuna to prepare it.

Recipe: The Spruce Eats

9.  Ketchup

You can’t miss knowing ketchup as it’s one of the popular condiments globally. It’s a table condiment that most people refer to as tomato sauce. It comes in different sizes of bottles and comprises tomatoes and vinegar. Although earlier, it had mushrooms, egg whites, oyster, and grapes.

You can use ketchup on fries, burgers, or anything you’d wish for.

Recipe: Allrecipes

10. Ketembilla good antioxidant

Ketembilla, whose other name is Ceylon gooseberry, is mostly found in Sri Lanka and southern India. It’s a juicy berry that is both sweet and acidic.

You can eat it raw or use it to make jellies, jams, and preserves. It’s a purple-maroon berry which is good for preserves. It contains various vitamins like C, B1, and B3, which are beneficial to your health.

11. Kettle corn for a sweet-salty combo

These are sweet popcorns that you can season using light-colored refined sugar, salt, and oil. The name kettle corn is because cast iron kettles were used to prepare them. But now you can use pans or pots to prepare your popcorn. Many people like it because of its sweet-salty flavor.

Recipe: Allrecipes

12. Kimchi

Kimchi is a side dish that consists of fermented vegetables. It’s a staple food in Korean cuisines. The veggies in kimchi include napa, cabbages, and Korean radish. If you want to season, these veggies use onions, garlic, gochugaru, and ginger.

Given that it’s fermented and it becomes sour, however, the seasonings make it spicy. Fermentation also makes it probiotic, which can help you fight harmful bacteria in the body.

Recipe: Feasting at home

13. King crab good for your heart

Apart from king crab being a popular delicacy, it has various health benefits. It’s a crustacean that is never easy to catch as they form a towering pile when they sense danger. King crab has a high protein level which is good for your weight.

The omega-three fatty acids and unsaturated fat in this dish will keep your heart healthy. Its meat and that of lobster has similar taste and texture. But the king crab’s leg meat is tastier. You can cook it using various methods of choice.


14. Kiwi berries

Kiwi berries are much smaller than kiwi though they belong to the same genus group. They’ve got smooth, leathery skin with soft flesh and have high vitamin c content. Also, they contain vitamin E but with low cholesterol and fats. You can eat them as salads or bake doughnuts.

Recipe: Weavers Orchard

15. Kipper helps in making strong bones and muscles

The kipper is a whole herring, a small oily fish that’s cut into two from head to tail. After cutting it, you should salt or prickle and then smoke over wood chips. In Some regions like Britain and Ireland and North American, Kipper is served as a breakfast.

Kipper is a good source of omega-three fatty acids, sodium, and calcium, best for your bones. You can grill, poach or broil kipper and enjoy its refined oils.

Recipe: Great British Chefs

16. Key Lime Pie

You can make a key lime pie using key lime juice, condensed milk, and egg yolks. It’s a dessert that originated from the traditional American.

You can serve your key lime after adding toppings like egg whites or whipped cream. To make its crust, you can use pie crust, graham cracker crust, or do without any of the two.

Recipe: Once Upon A Chef

17. Healthy kidney beans to monitor your weight

Kidney beans originated from Mexico and Central America. It’s a good source of protein that is good for bones and can reduce your junk food cravings. It also makes you feel full longer, good for watching your weight.

Kidney beans’ name is because of their shape, which resembles the human kidney. To avoid stomach upset from this bean, ensure you cook it properly.

Recipe: BBC Good Food

18. Kielbasa for meat lovers

Kielbasa is a meat sausage of a Poland origin. They are a staple of Polish cuisine. Most people refer to it as u-shaped coarse smoked sausages with meat as kielbasa.

Recipe: Allrecipes

19. Kirsch, best for those watching sugar intake

 Kirsch is a clear, colorless brandy. To make it, it has to undergo the double distillation of morello cherries. It’s a sour liquor, unlike other alcohol made of cherries.

Recipe: Larder Love

20. Kit kat for a sweet tooth

Kit kat is a chocolate bar that has chocolate-covered wafers. Most people love it because it contains smooth milk chocolate and crispy wafers. It comes in various flavors, so you choose what you like.

Recipe: The Country Cook

21. Kiwi helps boost immunity

Kiwi is a small fruit that can be beneficial health-wise. It contains high levels of vitamin C, which is a good immune booster. Kiwi is sweet, tangy, and has other nutrients like potassium, vitamin K, and vitamin X. It’s also a good antioxidant that is good for your heart’s health.

Recipe: Super Healthy Kids

22. Kingfish a source of omega-three fatty acids

Kingfish is an oily fish that can give you thick fillets. It’s a good replacer of salmon and tuna owing to its fleshy nature. Since it’s oily, you should cook it at a low temperature for a long.

You can use lemon, hickory, or oak wood for seasoning and get great flavor. When cooking kingfish, don’t dry it out as you need to maintain its sweet, oily taste.

Recipe: The Indian Claypot

23. Kohlrabi for great flavors

Kohlrabi is a vegetable that resembles wild cabbages. It’s also called a German turnip. You should trim and peel your kohlrabi well before using it for salad or making a slaw.

Kohlrabi can be cooked, boiled, roasted, or steamed. It has a similar taste to broccoli stems, though much sweeter.

Recipe: Allrecipes

24. Koshihkari rice with high resistant starch

Koshihkari rice is one of the best rice since it doesn’t increase your blood sugars rapidly. It’s soft and with low glycaemic index, unlike other rice varieties.

You can use it to make fresh and tasty Shushi. Its grains are short, and it can hold moisture for long, which is good for making Shushi.

Recipe: chopstickchronicles

25. Kudzu has medicinal value

Kudzu is a plant whose leaves, roots, flowers, and vine tips are edible. It’s popularly known as Japanese arrowroots. However, you can’t eat the vines. Its leaves are like spinach, and you can cook or eat them raw.

You can use its roots as an herbal supplement, although most people eat it. It can reduce the level of alcohol dependency in a person.

Recipe: drkarafitzgerald

26. Kumera with high fiber content

Suppose you love sweet potatoes whose other name is kumera in New Zealand. It’s the right food choice which is either white or golden.

You can use them in soups, curries or make them as stir-fries and eat with a side dish you like. It’s an antioxidant, gluten-free but with vitamins A, C, E.

Recipe: Allrecipes

27. Kosher pickles cholesterol-free

Kosher pickles resemble dill pickles, with the only difference being kosher having garlic. Although most people don’t follow the Jewish dietary law when making it, it’s traditionally a Jewish cuisine.

Instead, they’re made according to Jewish New York City fashion and have a lot of garlic.

Recipe: binkysculinarycarnival

28. Kumquat with great contradicting flavors

Kumquat is a small fruit similar to oranges. It has a sweet, sour, and bitter taste altogether. They’re good for testing if all your taste buds are still functional.

Its oval in shape and mostly found in southeast Asia. You can use them to make marmalade, cocktails, and liqueurs. It’s also good at enhancing the flavors of citrus dishes.

Recipe: Allrecipes

29. Kung pao chicken helps boost the protein level

If you love Chinese food, try kung pao chicken and see how sweet it is. It’s a spicy stir-fried Chinese dish that comprises peanuts and cubed chicken. Other ingredients include vegetables and chili peppers.

It also has Sichuan peppercorns which makes the dish tastier. To make it have sweet flavors use hoisin sauce, soy sauce, Chinese Shaoxing wine, and black vinegar.

Recipe: Allrecipes

30. Kvass can helps improve immunity

Kvass is a Russian beverage that comes from fermented rye bread. It has a sour taste that is re-energizing like a beer. But it’s not an alcoholic beverage, although if you let the rye bread ferment longer, the alcohol level may rise.

It maintains the color of rye bread, but it’s sweet with a bitter taste. It’s a good drink for kids as it capable of building their immunity. Kvass can also help you reduce swelling and boost your moods. 

Recipe: Natasha’s Kitchen

31. Kangaroo meat

This is meat from kangaroo. You can buy it from anywhere as it’s exported from Australia to different countries. It’s soft meat that has low-fat content making it a better choice over red meat.

It also contains proteins, vitamin B, zinc, and iron. The omega fatty acids are also good for your heart’s health. You can cook it using any method you’ll prefer.

Recipe: Weber

32. Gluten-free Kewpie Mayonnaise

It’s a Japanese mayonnaise whose exporters are kewpie corporation. It’s a bit different from other mayonnaise as it has a more subdued sweet tang. It has a small dose of MCG, which makes it healthier.  You can use it on Kani or kaarage salads.

Recipe: Just One Cookbook

33. Kebab

You can make kebabs using small pieces of meat. To have tasty kebabs, spice the meat and then cook over flames. Kebabs are famous worldwide, with some people including vegetables and fruits into the skewer.

It originates from the Middle Eastern, and preparing it is easy. You can add spices to your kebab to make it tasty.

Recipe: SimplyRecipes

34. Khachapuri

This is a Georgian food which consists mostly of bread. It comprises eggs, different kinds of cheese, and fluffy homemade bread. To make it, you should leaven the bread and give it time to be soft.

You can make it into a shape of your choice. Khachapuri is a perfect side dish for dinner or lunch. Serve it with herbed chicken stew, which is also a famous Georgian food.

Recipe: Allrecipes

35. Kacamak for corn lovers

Another food that starts with k is kacamak. It’s a maize porridge that is popular in the Balkans region. Kacamak consists of cornmeal, although you can add kaymak, potatoes, or cheese.

To cook it, heat the cornmeal while mashing as your pot becomes hotter. You can serve it with sunflower oil or browned paprika.

Recipe: The Balkan Hostess


There are many foods that start with k. You can try making any of the above recipes and enjoy various foods with different tastes. This is also an opportunity to try traditional and international recipes. Let’s know the dishes you’ve tried making and how they turned out. Happy cooking!

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