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45 Delicious Foods that Start With B

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There are various ways you can cook food. You can boil, bake, fry, grill, or even have them raw. There are also various types of foods, starting with different alphabetical letters. Find out a complete list of foods that begin with the letter B and how you can prepare them.  Here we go.

best foods that start with b

1.  Bananas

1 foods that start with b

Banana is simply a fruit that contains fiber. There are many benefits fiber can bring to your body, such as weight loss, treating cardiovascular disease, and helping type-2 diabetes.

There are different ways to eat bananas. You can eat ripe ones as a fruit; make a stew with raw ones, bake, or make banana crisps. How you make them also depends on where you come from.

2.  Boysenberries

2 foods that start with b

These are a cross of raspberries, blackberries, and loganberries. They’ve anthocyanins that contain potent antioxidants that can help in joint inflammation and manage memory loss. It also has nutrients such as soluble fiber, folate, and vitamin B6, which are essential.

3.  Bok Choy

3 foods that start with b

This is a cruciferous vegetable that contains calcium and other essential minerals. You can use calcium to maintain tough bones and teeth. It also has a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits.

4.  Butternuts

4 foods that start with b

Butternut is a great source of omega-three fats and monounsaturated nutrients. It enhances cardiovascular wellness and manages joint inflammation and diabetes.

Try out this side dish during the winter period. You can serve it on top of salads, or either has it for a snack with some little ketchup on the side.

5.  Blueberries

5 foods that start with b

Blueberries contain eighty-five percent of water, just like blackberries. Don’t hesitate to use it any time you wish to lose weight. These berries also have potent antioxidants that can reduce joint inflammation, memory loss, and cataract.

6.  Brussels sprouts

6 foods that start with b

Brussels is a very valuable vegetable that has several nutrients, such as soluble fiber and vitamin B6. They also have folate, which can improve your general heart wellness.

7.  Blue Cheese

7 foods that start with b

Try out this excellent nutritional choice of dish. It helps in gout and osteoporosis. It can also help you maintain solid and healthy teeth. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, you can avoid it for some time since it’s highly saturated with fats.

8.  Beetroots

8 foods that start with b

Incorporate these sweet non-starchy vegetables in your kitchen, and you’ll love the experience. They’re very low in calories and high water content.

You can use them to lose weight and prevent heart disease and diabetes since they’re rich in fiber. Beetroots are a very excellent choice for a healthy diet.

9.  Beef

9 foods that start with b

This is simply a lump of meat that you can obtain from livestock. Meat is a very excellent source of proteins and other nutrients. Your body depends on such sources of nutrients for growth and development.

10. Butterfinger

10 foods that start with b

Give yourself a treat with this candy bar containing crunchy peanuts covered in chocolate. It’s simply a snack and can add sugar to your body. It’s very sweet when you prepare it crunchy and crispy.

11. Boston Cream Pie

11 foods that start with b

Take your time and prepare this delicious pie. It’s a mixture of light butter layer cake, chocolate toppings, and velvet vanilla custard. Make your birthday parties memorable with these delicious cakes.

12. Barley

12 foods that start with b

Don’t miss out on this energetic meal on your home menu. This whole-grain contains a lot of carbohydrates. Get rid of your body cholesterol and stabilize your blood sugar using soluble fiber, much available in barley.

It also lowers the risk of getting type 2 diabetes and keeps you in the right state of mind. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin B6, which reduces the dangers of heart diseases.

13. Banana Bread

13 foods that start with b

Many people do bake this type of bread in the world. It’s a great and simple recipe to make. Mix a varying quantity of banana and sugars using one bowl to make. It has a tantalizing great flavor that you might think that it’s melted butter.

14. Beans

14 foods that start with b

Beans have heart-healthy nutrients, which help to minimize your triglycerides, cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure. It also gets rid of type two diabetes attacks related to the coronary artery.

Other nutrients that help evade migraines and osteoporosis include magnesium, soluble iron potassium, folate, and lean protein.

15. Basil

15 foods that start with b

Visit any Italian cuisine and will love this aromatic herb. It comes in various varieties, which include thai basil, lemon basil, and pleasant basil. It isn’t easy to come across before summer.  But you can get the dried basil which is available all year round. 

To attain their delicious taste and avoid losing that green shade, you need to put it at the end of cooking. They add flavor to your cuisines without adding calorie fats and salt.

16. Bean Curd

16 foods that start with b

You can make beans by coagulating soy milk and press them into blocks to create a soy mechanism. Bean curd is available in different varieties, including soft to firm curbs.

You can use them instead of meat when preparing vegan cuisines. It has a lot of proteins and healthy fats due to the presence of soybeans.

17.  Bay-leaves

17 foods that start with b

These are herbs you can use to taste stews, soups, and various slow-cooking recipes. You can as well use dried-out leaves since they last longer compared to fresh ones. Also, ensure you get rid of fallen leaves before you serve. The fallen dry-out leaves are consumed.

18. Black Cod

18 foods that start with b

This is the number one source of omega-three fats that you can use to reduce swellings, minimize high blood pressure and triglycerides.

It can also reduce the frequency of migraines and raise the level of cholesterol in your body. They also provide you with healthy and balanced skin and improve memory.

19. Black Pepper

19 foods that start with b

This is a delicious recipe for seasoning. You can compare it with salt, and it’s an excellent choice for a limited intake of sodium.

You can grind it into peppercorns if you want to acquire its unique taste. It sheds poignant preference and fragrance when you grind it.

20.  Blackberries

20 foods that start with b

These berries contain 85 percent water and a substantial dose of fiber. Blackberries contain vitamin B- which helps the body to maintain healthy hair and lowers your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.

They also have antioxidants that help with arthritis, cataracts, dementia, and eye problems.

21. Bell Peppers

21 foods that start with b

Season your dish with these mild-flavored veggies, available in various colors, including green, yellow, and red. They’ve low calories and high water content, just like non-starchy vegetables.

You can use them to manage heart problems and lose weight since they contain a reasonable amount of fiber. They also protect humans from arthritis, osteoporosis, and muscle degeneration because they’re a great vitamin C source, which is an antioxidant.

22.  Birch Bolete

22 foods that start with b

Birch Bolete exists in two types which are orange and brown. These are the kind of mushrooms that are best to consume when they’re young and firm. This is because when they dry up, their stems become tough, hence becoming difficult to digest.

23. Bison

23 foods that start with b

Give yourself a treat with this second popular beef which contains nutrient-dense red meat. However, it’s not considered wild meat and is also not cultivated commercially as cattle.

You can substitute for any red meat in a recipe, although it’s leaner than beef, and you can easily overcook it.

24. Boar

24 foods that start with b

This is typically wild meat that is very similar to pork. It’s leaner and contains rich, red coloring. The animal’s diet makes the meat have a stronger flavor than pork. It has a sweet and slightly nutty flavor.

25. Bobcat

25 foods that start with b

You can compare bobcat with pork or wild boar in terms of its texture and flavor. Try out this lean and tender meat that has a mild flavor. You also have to cook it properly to be safe from parasites because they’re carnivores.

26.  Brown Rice

26 foods that start with b

Brown rice is simply a whole grain form of white rice. You retain the bran layer and germ after removing the inedible hull. It takes quite some time to cook than white rice because it’s a whole grain.

It has more minerals and fiber than white rice. It also has a higher arsenic concentration than white rice because of the retention of the hull.

27.  Buckwheat

27 foods that start with b

Buckwheat is a non-cereal grain seed that doesn’t grow from grass, although you can consume it just like other cereal grains. It’s gluten-free and is a rich source of plant-based protein, plus other vital vitamins and minerals.

28. Bulgar Wheat

28 foods that start with b

This is another type of cereal grain that you can get from parboiling and cracking various wheat groats. It’s very nutty in flavor, and you can grind it from fine to coarse.

29.  Broccoli

29 foods that start with b

This is a cruciferous vegetable from the Brassica family. It’s an edible flower and is also related to cabbage and kale. You can either eat it raw or cook it. It contains plant-based protein.

30. Bora Saul

30 foods that start with b

Give a try to this sticky, glutinous rice that is very popular in North-Eastern India. You can use milk and sugar to prepare it. You can as well boil to make it regular, although it will be very sticky.

31.  Bomba Rice

31 foods that start with b

This rice type is a short grain from Spanish and is popular for use in paella. When you cook it, it can absorb 2-3 times its weight in water and still retain its firm texture.

32. Black Rice

32 foods that start with b

Get your hand on this royal history black rice, which is uniquely nutritious and contains many flavors. It’s widely available around the world nowadays despite being common in Chinese royalty.

These short grains are chewy and have a nuttier flavor, just like white rice. They also have a more diverse nutritional profile.

33.  Black Cardamom

33 foods that start with b

These are pods that you can use to spice up your dish. You need to dry them over an open fire to get that smokier flavor and fragrance. You can also use it as a substitute for green cardamom, although it’s not suitable for sweet dishes.

34.  Bird’s Eye Chili

34 foods that start with b

You can use these chili peppers to lose weight. They grew enormously after they were given the name sirtfood in the trendy Sirtfood Diet. They’re small and very hot.

35.  Bilimbi

35 foods that start with b

Bilimbi is sometimes called a cucumber tree since it bears a fruit that looks similar to a small cucumber. It’s very sour. Instead of eating it on its own, you can use it as a flavoring agent in any of your cuisine, especially Indonesian cuisine.

36. Bighorn Sheep

36 foods that start with b

If you are a fan of game meat, then this is the perfect bet for your meat thirst. It’s also tough to get a license for hunting this jungle meat.

The sheep is also very difficult to hunt because it lives in dangerous and rugged landscapes. If you’re looking for wild red meat, then you need to up your hunting skills.

37. Beechnut

37 foods that start with b

This is a fruit of a beech tree that is edible. They’re quite bitter though very popular. When you press them for oil, you can get enough fat. However, the nuts are not popular, but you can use the wood to smoke, ferment, and flavor foods and beers.

38.  Beaver

38 foods that start with b

Another delicious wild meat is here for your appetite, although hunting is not legal everywhere.

The same part in this wild meat that is more delicious is the tail, although the entire is an excellent fat source for people eating game meat only. So if game meat is not your favorite, then try other livestock meat.

39.  Bear

39 foods that start with b

Bear meat is very popular, although it’s very controversial in many countries. You have to cook it properly because it also feeds on meat apart from being an omnivore. So have to thoroughly cook it to get rid of parasites that can cause trichinosis. It’s real fatty beef.

40.  Bay Leaf Tea

40 foods that start with b

These are aromatic culinary herbs that you can use to flavor instead of eating. You can purchase them when dry and as a whole leaf. They require slow-cook recipes such as soups and stews. Also, ensure you remove the leaf before serving your dish.

41. Bay Bolete

41 foods that start with b

Try this mushroom in your diet, and you’ll love it. They’ve large, dark brown velvet caps and pale yellow or sometimes white flesh. You can remove their pores and eat them fresh, or you can enjoy them by drying them first.

42.  Basmati Rice

42 foods that start with b

If you’re a rice nerd, then foods starting with b have got your back. Try out basmati rice which is very popular in Indian and South Asian cuisine. You’ll love the nutty, sweet fragrance and earthly flavor of this type of rice.

You can find this long grain rice in both white and brown varieties. It shares the same nutritional values as other types of rice.

43. Bamboo Shoots

43 foods that start with b

These are bamboo sprouts which are the edible portion of the bamboo plant. You can slice and use them in any Asian stir-fry dishes or soups.

You need to cook to remove the natural toxins. However, you can find them in the canned goods section when you visit any grocery store.

44.  Baker’s Yeast

44 foods that start with b

You can use this strain of bacteria for baking your bread and other pastries in your kitchen. It’s a single-celled organism that eats fermented sugars as it releases carbon dioxide and ethanol and creates small bubbles of gas to allow your dough to rise.

45.  Bacuri

45 foods that start with b

This is a Brazilian fruit that has a very thick, mottled yellow-brown rind. The yellow-brown rind makes it thick, sticky, and white pulp with 3-5 seeds. It contains both sour and sweet tastes. You can use it to make ice cream, jam, or even jelly.


delicious foods that start with b

As you can see, there is a lot of food that starts with the letter b. So if you want to expand your knowledge of food, they’re different types of food you can try out. Share with us any other food you know that starts with b and missing in this list.

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