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35 Delicious Foods That Start With Letter I

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The food group starting with ‘I’ is probably one of the most regionally diverse lists if we categorize food through the letters they start their names with. You can find most of them in Caribbean, Indian, and African cooking.

There are also foods that are common, but we know in another name not thinking that they actually start with ‘I’. 

To start the cruise in the land of letter ‘I’ foods, here are 35 foods that start with ‘I’ that you should know about. 

delicious foods that start with i

35 foods that start with ‘I

#1. Iceberg lettuce, the lesser known lettuce

Iceberg lettuce, the lesser known lettuce

Compared to romaine lettuce or kale, iceberg lettuce is less known because it does not have the same nutrients level.

Nonetheless, it is still good for whipping up salads.

For instance, you can make iceberg lettuce and apple salad by mixing mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, milk, apples, and choice of nuts. Mix well and then add the lettuce. 

#2. All-time dessert, ice cream

All-time dessert, ice cream

Does this even need description? Ice cream is an all-day, all-time favorite across age groups.

It comes in hundreds of flavors, can be homemade, turned into cake, make no-churn ice creams for the whole family, you name it, ice cream can be it. 

#3. Traditional Indian feast food, idli

Traditional Indian feast food, idli

Savory, spicy, and made with patience, idli is a traditional Indian food served during feasts and family gatherings.

It is prepared for more than 12hrs, fermenting rice, rice flour, salt and urad dal for 10hrs. And then it is lightly fried to make circle rice pillows. It is served with sambar and chutney. 

#4. Irish stew on below zero weather

Irish stew on below zero weather

Known for its significance during the Irish war and famine, Irish stew became a traditional food symbolizing survival and is usually served during St. Patrick’s.

It is made with slow cooking mutton but now, can also be made with lamb or beef. It is not added with veggies but now it seems to be accepted.

It is seasoned with lots of herbs and spices and is perfect during winter when it’s below zero. 

#5. Versatile Idaho potatoes

Versatile Idaho potatoes

Unlike the typical potatoes that we know, Idaho potatoes are longer in size, paler in color, and have more neutral taste that is almost bland.

It is grown a lot in Idaho, hence the name and is good for making mashed potatoes, fries, hash browns, Hasselback potatoes and for baking. 

#6. Refreshing ice apple

Refreshing ice apple

The unique ice apple can be found only in Southeast Asia and some parts of China.

It is fleshy and juicy and the whole fruit from skin to seed is dried or blended because it is rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and K.

The most famous recipe for this is the Bengali snack called Vada. It can also be made for a refreshing sorbet. 

#7. African flatbread injera

African flatbread injera

This one is a complete meal cooked for breakfast and served with beans, meat and lentil soup.

It is the traditional sour flatbread of Africa that is bulkier than crepe but thinner than pancakes.

It is cooked by mixing teff flour, salt, water, and all-purpose flour and left overnight before frying in the morning. 

#8. Sweet imqaret from the Maltese coast

Sweet imqaret from the Maltese coast

This one is Arabic in origin but through time has become a favorite snack/dessert in Malta.

It is a deep-fried puff pastry filled with jammed spiced dates.

The filling is made from the mixture of dates, cinnamon, cardamom, orange and lemon zest, aniseed, orange blossom water, ginger, garlic, and water. Best served with ice cream on top.  

#9. Creamy Ital bowl

Creamy Ital bowl

This is Jamaican stew more than just a vegetable stew since it is associated with the famous Rastafarian movement of basic living and eating unprocessed food to resist capitalism.

It is a creamy stew made with the mix of garlic, onion, green onion, thyme, bay leaves, and coconut milk.

For the contents, it has pumpkin, taro, okra, plantain, carrots, collards, lime juice, and cilantro. 

#10. Italian bread for the ages

Italian bread for the ages

This bread has seen kingdoms rise and fall but remains to be a traditional bread for all meals.

It is moist, crisp on the outside, paired with pasta, or along fruit compotes or used for scooping scrambled eggs in the morning.

It takes two days to knead this bread. Baked for 20mins and then washed with egg to be baked again for 5mins, it is one of the best breads out there. 

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#11. Enlivened with ice cream soda

Enlivened with ice cream soda

Get enlivened amidst the summer heat with this easy to make ice cream soda.

It traces its history to the accidental discovery of root beer float when a restaurateur Robert Green fell short of ice and used vanilla ice cream as substitute.

For this, you must put a scoop of ice cream in a tall glass, pour any soda, and top it again with scoops of ice cream. You can top with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel or chocolate syrup.   

#12. Fruity ice pops

Fruity ice pops

Another refreshing treat to beat the heat would be fruit ice pops.

For this, you just must juice your fruit of choice and add some fruit chunks in the mold before refrigerating it.

You can try many fruit mixes or add yoghurt for it to taste like sorbet. Freeze for 5-8hrs and then serve. 

#13. Iced gem biscuits of childhood

13 foods that start with i easy peasy iced gems

Iced gems have shaped our childhood snacks, one way or another.

This tiny meringue biscuits are made by first making a shortbread dough to be refrigerated overnight.

Shape into small circles, bake for 8mins and then pipe with your homemade royal icing.  

#14. Illawarra plum for spreads and fillings

Illawarra plum for spreads and fillings

This peculiarly looking plum is indigenous to Australia and is not only gathered to make jams and preserves but is also used as filling for cakes and pastries and rub for Australian steaks.

The seed is pulverized as condiment and the flesh resembles the taste of berries. 

#15. Imarti, Indian finger food

Imarti, Indian finger food

This one has an iconic look because it looks like an elastic scrunchy and sometimes, a flower.

It is a sweet finger food made by frying a mungo and flour-based batter.

The batter is deep fried and is tossed in a caramelized sugar syrup after. It is drizzled with a pinch of sugar and salt for balance. 

#16. Creamy liqueur Irish cream

Creamy liqueur Irish cream

If you have tasted the liquor Baileys, you have also tasted Irish cream too. It is consumed as a beverage but most times, it is added to traditional Irish pastries and cakes.

It is made by mixing Irish whiskey, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, coffee, and almond extracts. 

#17. Endless ice cream cake

Endless ice cream cake

If you cannot get enough of ice cream and feel like the scoops are not filling enough, get a large tin can or baking pan and make an ice cream cake for endless scoops.

You can make your own ice cream, or you can just buy a tub. Flatten it in the tin can or pan and then freeze for 5hrs or until solid.

You can add crushed Oreos or toppings of choice for some grit. 

#18. Ice vegetable salad

Ice vegetable salad

Nope, it is not ice water that we are talking about here but the interesting ice vegetable of South Africa.

It has a frosted interior that remains frosty even when added to stir fry veggies or salads.

Its resilience to heat makes it a good addition to vegetable dishes because it adds texture to them. 

#19. Zesty Icelandic cod

Zesty Icelandic cod

This one is a fresh take on seared seafood. It is rubbed with a generous amount of lemon juice, pepper, and salt.

Marinate for 15mins and sear for 3mins each side. Let cool for 30mins, and then sear for another 2mins before baking at 7mins.

Combine chicken stock, lemon juice, butter, and grapeseed oil. Bring to a boil. Simmer when thick. Pour over on the fish. 

#20. A whole array of Indian curry

A whole array of Indian curry

Indian curry is not just limited to chicken or beef. There is a whole array of currying food and that includes tandoori, biryani, tikka chicken masala, vegetable curries and more.

The key in making curry would be the perfect blend of garlic and onion, ginger, turmeric, curry powder, cumin, coriander, crushed tomatoes, pepper, and plain yogurt.

Use as sauce to softened meat and serve with steamed rice or flatbread. 

#21. Quick and easy Irish soda bread

Quick and easy Irish soda bread

There are a lot of things the Irish have brought us and this is one of them. It is an easy breakfast bread for anyone in a hurry and it is made by making a dough without yeast.

It is substituted by baking soda, carbonated drink, flour, salt and buttermilk. Bake for 15mins and top with powdered sugar or pair with coffee, hot chocolate, or soup. 

#22. Veggie patty, Israeli falafel

Veggie patty, Israeli falafel

This savory snack is Israeli’s national dish. It is a deep-fried patty or ball made of coriander and fava beans.

They are wrapped traditionally, with flatbread and are served with baba ganoush and hummus or topped with pickles, mixed veggies, tahini sauce or piquant sauce. 

#23. Fresh catch Italian tuna crudo

Fresh catch Italian tuna crudo

This one is the Italians’ version of sashimi. The term crudo literally means raw and it can be done for tuna, halibut, and seabass.

This is prepared by first cleaning the fish and refrigerating it for an hour.

They are then finely sliced and then coated with olive oil and will be refrigerated again for an hour. Coat with olive oil and dash with salt to taste. Serve. 

#24. On point sweetness with Indian semolina

On point sweetness with Indian semolina

Halwas is a popular Indian dessert with many versions and this includes the Indian semolina. It has the texture of a rice pudding, but it is made with savory ingredients, as well as vegetables and fruits.

The Indian semolina, however, is specifically made with the mixture and hours of stirring in semolina, ghee rice, cashews, raisins, whole milk, hot water, sugar, and cardamom. 

#25. Party platter with Irish nachos

Party platter with Irish nachos

If you need a party food that is surely spot on for St. Patrick’s Day or any occasion, you can always go with Irish nachos.

Instead of tortilla, this one requires deep-fried potatoes. And then mix it with beer cheese made of stirred cheddar in Guinness beer.

Toss in the finely chopped jalapenos, bacon bits, sour cream, green salsa, cilantro, and scallions and you are all set. 

#26. Rich flavored Israeli tahini halvah

Rich flavored Israeli tahini halvah

This popular Israeli dessert is made of peanut butter and sesame flour. It is a very nutritious dessert as it incorporates lots of almonds and pistachios.

It is sweetened with honey, tahini sauce, and vanilla extract. The whole mixture is then refrigerated for 24hrs or until solid.

Cut in pieces. It can be consumed for three months and up as long as kept at room temperature. 

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#27. Easy whip ice cream bread

Easy whip ice cream bread

Ice cream on bread is one thing but ice cream bread is completely magical and easy to make too.

It is made with two ingredients only: a self-rising flour to be baked for the bread and your favorite ice cream flavor.

The ice cream is mixed to the flour and then baked with sprinkle toppings for 45mins. Check using a toothpick. If it comes clean, the ice cream bread is done.  

#28. Spiced up breakfast with Italian skillet eggs

Spiced up breakfast with Italian skillet eggs

This one can be prepared in under 15mins and could be served for either breakfast or dinner.

The eggs are cooked in a skillet with a mix of three types of sausages, tomato sauce and lots of mozzarella.

The mixture is simmered and then topped with parsley and grated parmesan. Drizzle with salt and plate alongside Italian flatbread. 

#29. Vegan Indian aloo gobi

Vegan Indian aloo gobi

It has always been a traditional vegan Indian food but thanks to the movie, Bend it like Beckham, it has gained international familiarity.

This dish is a combination of cauliflower and potatoes in a pool of rich Indian spices such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, and bay leaves.

It is then boiled in water and lime juice. Simmer until it thickens. 

#30. Home vibes with Irish colcannon

Home vibes with Irish colcannon

This one is another traditional Irish food served during St. Patrick’s. It is made by boiling cabbage, potatoes, and leeks together on water, and soy milk.

Bring to simmer once the broth has thickened.

The potatoes and cabbage should not be too mushed. It is seasoned with nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Serve while warm. 

#31. Irani lavash bread

Irani lavash bread

Lavash is the popular soft bread of the Middle East but it is a staple in Iran and Turkey. It is very simple to make as you would only make dough out of water, yeast, salt, milk, and flour.

It is then left to rise and then flattened thinly, resembling pizza crusts, and pinched with a fork all over.

It is sprinkled with sesame seeds before baking for 25mins. It is also used to wrap savory food like sausages and ham. 

#32. Irish fruitcake

Irish fruitcake

This one is traditionally called Barmbrack and it is Ireland’s version of fruitcake. In the olden times, it is only eaten during Halloween and St. Patrick’s, served with a coat of Irish butter and coffee.

Its dough is made of typical ingredients but with the addition of nuts and raisins. It is then flattened into two circular loaves and then baked for 30mins at 400F. 

#33. Italian soup for the day of the dead

Italian soup for the day of the dead

Traditionally, people in Milan and Rome whip up and serve a special soup only for the day of the dead.  

It is made by boiling the pork until it softens and mixing in it onions, carrots, sage, celery, rosemary, chickpeas and seasoned with sea salt.

Everything is boiled in olive oil and water and it is served with Parmigiano cheese on top. 

#34. Ice cream mochi

Ice cream mochi

Cannot get enough of mochi and ice cream? You can mix them now in one, insanely good, ice cream mochi.

It is a fusion of the Japanese mochi and the full serving of American ice cream. The ice cream is wrapped in glutinous rice flour and dusted with corn and potato starch and additional rice flour.

It is now mass produced using hundreds of ice cream flavors as mochi filling. 

#35. Spiked Irish winter coffee

Spiked Irish winter coffee

This one is the perfect warm drink in a cold, lethargic winter. It can be made in 7mins and it starts with brewing Irish coffee.

Mix in some coffee liqueur, two shots Irish whiskey and a generous amount of Irish cream and you are good to go. It is traditionally served as an after meal beverage in Ireland.  


From easy to elaborate cooking, there is no shortage of recipes when it comes to foods starting with ‘I’.

You can go for ice cream anytime and could experiment on a lot of regional and exotic cuisines anytime you want. There is also a whole array of pastries and soups that you can try. 

Tell us your thoughts by reacting and commenting on this post. Share with friends and plan your next cookout with foods that start with ‘I’.

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