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46 Foods that Start With C

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Well, getting foods that start with the letter C shouldn’t challenge you anymore. Many foods start with c, including fruits, fluids, vegetables, snacks and vegetables.

You may have eaten most of them, but if you haven’t, then take a look at them and incorporate some in your menu.

foods that start with c

1.  Cabbage

1 foods that start with c

Incorporate this thick green veggie into your diet if you’re a vegetarian. It’s packed with a lot of nutrients that are very important to your body. You can use it in many dishes or have it as a side dish.

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2.  Cauliflower

2 foods that start with c

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable that looks exactly like cabbage. It’s one of the mustard families.

You can eat it raw or cook it and use it in any culinary dish. So don’t hesitate to have it on your menu if you can’t get cabbage. It has the same nutrient values, just like cabbage.

3.  Cake

3 foods that start with c

Are you a fan of cake? Or you’re in your world because almost everybody loves cake. Parties without this delicious meal aren’t complete.

They come in many types, but you can make your own at home by using flour, eggs, sugar, and fat. After all these, you then use some icing sugar or whipping water to decorate your cake.

4.  Calamari

4 foods that start with c

Give yourself a treat with this famous deep-fried battered appetizer that you can make from squish. Additionally, you can also prepare it differently depending on your locality.

5.  Canape

5 foods that start with c

Make yourself comfortable with this small finger food. You use a small slice of bread as a base, a spread of butter, cheese and different toppings to make it. You can serve it before dinner or serve it after dinner with your cocktails.

6.  Candy

6 foods that start with c

If you love sugary food, then candy shouldn’t be missed in your cooking. Use sugar to make your candy at home.

You can mix your sugar with fruit, nuts, and any other additive for different flavors. Also, ensure you brush your teeth immediately after eating your candy.

7.  Caper

7 foods that start with c

This is a perennial plant that produces leaves that are round and white flowers. You can use the caper flower buds for seasoning and use the caper berries as pickles to add more texture and flavor to your meal.

8.  Cappuccino

8 foods that start with c

Don’t let go of your long weekend without buzzing yourself with a cappuccino. Visit any Italian coffee shop to have this espresso-based coffee.

You can also prepare it at the comfort of your home by steaming milk foam. Put an equal amount of steamed milk and foam, depending on the strength of your drink.

9.  Carambola

9 foods that start with c

If you’re a fruit aesthetic, then try out this star-shaped fruit. It has both a sweet and sour taste. The sour taste makes it suitable to add to different dishes. You can also eat the skin of this sweet and sour fruit.

10. Caramel

10 foods that start with c

Caramel is very simple to make. You use high temperatures of up to 170 degrees Celsius for cooking or heating your sugar; then, you have your caramel. You can use it in candies, topping in desserts and also sauces.

11. Caraway

11 foods that start with c

If you’ve been looking for a spice or herb that has been in existence for a long, then look no more. You can use caraway as a spice to your dish and use it for medicinal purposes.

When you dry it, you get that earthly bitter flavor. You can also use it in sweet and savory meals.

12. Cardamon

12 foods that start with c

This is also another spice starting with the letter b, which you can make using spindle-shaped seed pods. You can also use the whole or grind it and add it to your dishes. Cardamom seeds are black or brown, but the pods keep on varying depending on the origin.

13. Carp

13 foods that start with c

Fish can never miss out whenever food is mentioned. You can farm carp fish in your home ponds or even aquariums. You can only farm this freshwater fish for food and nothing else.

14. Carrot

14 foods that start with c

No delicious meal lacks carrot in it. These are rooted veggies mostly in orange color, although you can get them in other colors such as yellow, black, white and red.

You can also get them in different types depending on their root shape. You can also eat them raw like fruit.

15. Cassava

15 foods that start with c

Root vegetables are also on the list of foods starting with c. Cassava is very important to your body because it contains resistant starch and other vital nutrients. It has a nutty flavor and grows mostly in tropical countries.

16. Cashew

16 foods that start with c

These are nuts that look like a kidney in shape. Before you eat them, ensure you roast them first.

17. Casserole

17 foods that start with c

The casserole is any dish that you can cook in a casserole. You can also make a casserole in a large utensil. To separate the dishes from the casserole, you can name your cooking pan a casserole dish and name the food a casserole.

18. Chickpea

18 foods that start with c

Don’t mistake this legume with a pea. It has a lot of nutritional values and also a great source of protein. Also, before you cook them, you have to soak them in water first. You can use a long method to soak them or a short method.

19. Chicken

19 foods that start with c

As you farm your vegetables at home, also remember to domesticate this domestic bird in your compound. You can keep it for eggs or livestock meat. It’s a delicious meal, but only if you cook it appropriately with the required recipe.


20. Cheese

20 foods that start with c

You can simply ferment or press your curd milk to make this tasty food. It becomes very tangy in flavor after fermentation. There are many different types of cheese that you can try out, and you also add them to your food variety.


21. Cheddar

21 foods that start with c

Just as mentioned earlier that there are different types of cheese. Cheddar is one of the smooth-textured cheeses that you can add to many types of dishes in your kitchen.

22. Chardonnay

22 foods that start with c

End your evening with this sweet white wine. If you’re an expert in making wine or working in the wine industry, you can make your chardonnay using green-skinned grapes. It’s the best selling wine brand in the entire wine industry. Enjoy this excellent wine brand after your dinner.

23. Chapati

23 foods that start with c

Chapati is a darling to almost every household. Many functions don’t end well without this flatbread. You can make your own by using baking flour and other additives such as sugar, salt and cooking oil. You can cook it on a griddle. It’s very delicious when you accompany it with soups.

24. Challah

24 foods that start with c

Treat yourself with this braided traditional white bread from the Jewish community. Some of its contents include eggs, raisins and is also leavened with some yeast.

25. Cereal

25 foods that start with c

Your breakfast is never complete without this staple. You can get it from grain. Among the things, you can get it from including Weetabix, oats, and any of your favorite grain.

26. Celery

26 foods that start with c

If you love parsley family food, then why not try these succulent leaves stalk. You can either eat them raw or use their variety in your food. They’re not limited to use in only one dish. You can use them in a variety of dishes. Make your soup tastier with this parsley food.

27. Celtuce

27 foods that start with c

Don’t hang up your appetite for parsley food if you don’t find celery because celtuce looks exactly like celery. Among the benefits include eating it raw or you can dry it before eating. Also, you can add it to your home dishes to bring out that tasty feeling.

28. Cayenne

28 foods that start with c

Don’t mistake it with a Porsche cayenne car. It’s simply a portion of food in a pepper form that you can get from the cayenne plant. You can add it to your hot soups and stews.

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29. Catfish

29 foods that start with c

This is another freshwater fish that is very delicious when you cook. It’s mainly from North America and Eurasia.

Instead of frequenting restaurants to get this delicious meal, you can farm your catfish at home in your ponds. If you truly love it. You can fry or boil it, but it all depends on your preference.

30. Canola

30 foods that start with c

This is an oilseed that you can make by crossbreeding plants. It contains toxic compounds from rapeseed oil, so you must crossbreed it to be safe for consumption.

31. Calvados

31 foods that start with c

Awaken your appetite using this sweet drink. You can make it using apples from the Normandy region. You juice the fresh apples, ferment them into cider, and distil the cider into a clear brandy—a very simple way of getting your lost appetite back.

32. Cajon Pea

32 foods that start with c

This is a small seed of the pigeon pea plant that is known for its nutritional value. It’s mostly common in tropical places. Cajon pea seeds vary in color. You can plant some on your farm if you can appropriately take care of them.

33. Cantaloupe

33 foods that start with c

Watermelons bring a lot of nutritional values to the body. They’re loved globally. If you’re looking for watermelon, you come across cantaloupe, don’t freak out because it’s also in the family of watermelon and honeydew melon.

Cantaloupe is a juicy orange fruit that you can find mostly during summer, the same as watermelon. It’s subtly sweet with a lot of water perfect for summer.

34. Capulin

34 foods that start with c

Fruits should be part of your daily diet to maintain a healthy body. So if you’re a fruit enthusiast, remember to try this Mexican edible fruit. But capulin is a black cherry tree that produces this edible fruit. The tree contains red fruit, which is a single hard stone.

35. Cassiri

As a beer enthusiast, foods that start with c have catered for all your beer preference. Although cassiri isn’t a beer, it looks exactly like beer. You can make it by fermenting cassava juice—a very simple way of making beer lookalike.

36.  Corn Flour

36 foods that start with c

This is whole grain flour that has a lot of uses in your kitchen. It contains hull, germ and endosperm that make it to be a whole grain. You can use it for baking your favorite foods. You can also combine it with a binder like eggs to provide the shape.

However, it doesn’t taste good when raw; instead, you have to cook it first. It has earthly and sweet flavor when you use it in baking, frying and also grilling. You can incorporate it in pieces of bread, waffles, muffins, pancakes, and battered and fried meals.

37.  Clam Chowder

37 foods that start with c

Try this creamy soup that is full of delightful chunks of clam. The creamy soup usually includes potatoes, onions and celery. Celery balances those fishy flavors. You can also top it with bacon bits and parsley to garnish. It is very delicious.

38. Coconut

38 foods that start with c

Give yourself a treat with this sweet dish that comes from a palm tree. You can eat it immediately after harvesting or wait for it to dry. It contains a milky and creamy texture which makes it a darling of many dishes. You can also use coconut oil for medicinal purpose.

39. Cookies

39 foods that start with c

You can call them cookies or biscuits, but you are missing a lot since you were a kid if you haven’t come across them. But anyway, they’re not for kids or adult.

Anybody can have these sweet snacks. They’re small, flat, and sweet little bakes, including chocolate chips, peanut butter, cinnamon, and oatmeal.

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40. Crab Cakes

40 foods that start with c

This is another type of cake that you’ll never want to miss. They are little bundles of fried crab that are mixed through breading and seasoning. You can serve them as an appetizer. You can greatly have them with grilled veggies, coleslaw, and potato salad.

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41. Crème Brulee

41 foods that start with c

Get yourself this French custard dessert which comes with a caramel topping. The caramel toppings crystalize and harden through torching. It’s a very delicious treat. It’s a great combination of crunchy and creamy.

42. Cucumbers

42 foods that start with c

These are small green veggies that are tube-shaped. They come in three types: those you can eat after slicing, others you can pickle, and some called burpless. It doesn’t have any seed inside it. You can use this green veggie to get gas.

43. Chili

43 foods that start with c

Chili is another great winter food that you can enjoy during winter, although it’s still enjoyable even in the summer. It’s a tasty mixture of beans, meat, spices and tomatoes.

It’s very versatile, and you can make it by just using any meat or varying degrees of spicy. Don’t let your summer period be boring when you’ve such a perfect meal to mix with your freshly grilled meat.

44. Cannelloni

44 foods that start with c

Treat yourself for a while with this cylindrical type of lasagna that is very common in Italian cuisine. The dish comes baked in a filling and is covered with a sauce.

Some of the stuffings you can use to prepare this dish include spinach and minced meat. You can then cover the shell with tomato sauce.

45. Cheesecake

45 foods that start with c

Making cheesecake is very simple. You just mix cream cheese, eggs and sugar and put them on top of a crumbly crust; then you’ve your delicious dish. You can also make your crust by crushing cookies and toppings. Don’t let go of this superb dessert.

46. Chicken Pot Pie

46 foods that start with c

How about using your fork to leak out this buttery, flaky crust that is steamed and have some juicy gravy? You’ll love this tasty dish. The inside of this sweet dish contains a mixture of chicken, vegetable and creamy sauce. This is an iconic meal that can comfort you during a cold winter evening.


best foods that start with c

As you can see, there’re a lot of foods that start with the letter C. Besides adding nutrients to your body, they’re also delicious foods that you can get addicted to once you’ve tasted them. What are you waiting for? Get in the kitchen or your best restaurant to have a taste of these delicious dishes.  Don’t forget to share with us how your recipe turns out.

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