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35 Delicious Foods that Start with N

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Many foods start with the letter n, and you have possibly come across one or two that you can’t remember now. Here is an opportunity for you, especially those who love trying out different cuisines from different countries and cultures.

With these well-detailed recipes, you can make any of the below foods from your kitchen.

delicious foods that start with letter n

1.  Nihari

1 foods that start with n nihari

Nihari is a famous curry in Pakistan. Serve it as the main course along with rice or bread.

It contains beef meat which is slow-cooked till tender together with other ingredients before serving it hot. But goat meat, mutton, and lamb can also make this curry.

Recipe: My Weekend Chicken

2.  Natilla

2 foods that start with n natillas de leche tradicional

Sweeten your mouth with this mouthwatering dessert from Spain. Natillla is rich and creamy custard made from eggs, milk, and vanilla flavor.

For most Spaniards, this food brings up so many childhood memories. Colombians also love Natilla though theirs is much thicker pudding than custard. They don’t add eggs to it. 

Recipe: The Spruce Eats

3.  Natto

3 foods that start with n srslyasian primary

Do you have some fermented soybeans in your kitchen? Try making some homemade natto, a Japanese delicacy. Its taste varies with the fermentation process though many people say it tastes like bleu cheese.

Serve it over hot or warm rice for breakfast. You can add sesame oil, raw eggs, and soy sauce to it to taste.

Recipe: Serious Eats

4.  Navette

4 foods that start with n Navette

Navette is the cheapest, easiest, and quickest to make cylindrical-shaped cookies.  They come in handy, especially when kids are home during holidays.

You only need five ingredients to make the magic happen; orange blossom, sugar, flour, butter, and eggs. A metal box can keep these sweet cookies fresh for weeks.

Recipe: Thermomix

5.  Navy Beans

5 foods that start with n navy bean soup

Don’t confuse these tiny white beans with the typical white beans. They are a lot more delicious and are mostly used to make soups, but you can also bake them.

If you’re making a navy beans soup from scratch for your loved ones, be sure to enhance its flavor by adding some smoked ham to it.

Recipe: Allrecipes

6.  Nectar

6 foods that start with n Strawberry and banana nectar

Extract this natural sugary liquid from flowers and other plants to sweeten your fruit juices, mixed salads, raw honey, and desserts. It gives a lovely taste to foods and drinks, especially alcohol. And it’s safe to eat flowers that produce nectar.

Recipe: Magimix

7.  Nectarine

7 foods that start with n nectarine brown sugar crisp

You can’t talk of nectar and forget to mention nectarine; these two go hand in hand. Nectarine is a delicious fruit that is low in calories but rich in fiber.

Eating nectarine fruit will give potassium and vitamins A and C. You can also add them to your fruit salad or blend it with other fruits like strawberries to make a smoothie.

Recipe: Modern Honey

8.  Negus Drink

8 foods that start with n negus punch

Negus is a popular drink in Ethiopia. It tastes better when served hot on a chilly evening when relaxing after a long day at work.

To make it, you need hot water, wine, lemon or orange juice, and sugar. Throw all these ingredients in a glass or mug and stir, and voila! Your drink is ready.

Recipe: Tuxedono2

9.  Nori

9 foods that start with n nori wraps

This is edible seaweed that is very popular in Japanese cuisine. Nori is the perfect food you should eat for vitamins and calcium, and it actually contains more calcium than you can get from milk. Get them from grocery stores in packs of rolls to use as garnish or topping.

Recipe: Love and Lemons

10. Noodles

10 foods that start with n veggie garlic noodles

Many people across the world enjoy eating noodles. Whether plain or accompanied by vegetables, meat, or fish, noodles are comfort food you can eat anytime.

For homemade noodles, roll your dough on a flat, then cut into long thin strips to stir fry or cook with broth. Its ingredients vary depending on the type of noodle you want to make.


11. Nesselrode Pudding

11 foods that start with n nesselrode pudding

That summer heat could be taking a toll on you. Try taking this ice pudding to slow down the high temperatures a bit.

The Nesselrode pudding has a close similarity to ice cream, but with a twist. Mix chestnuts, cognac, raisins, vanilla, sugar, cream, and egg yolks in a bowl. Freeze for some minutes before eating.

Recipe: James Beard

12. Neep

12 foods that start with n creamy neeps

Neeps are very similar to Broccoli. Cauliflower. Sprouts and Brussels. They originate from Scotland.

There are various ways to prepare neeps; steaming, pickling, mashing, or roasting. When cooked, they have this starchy flesh, and their taste is sweet. Add them to your soup or stew for a sweet taste.

Recipe: Delicious Magazine

13. Norman Tart

13 foods that start with n normandy apple tart

Norman tart is simply a French apple pie, cut into small slices for baking. For the topping, add creamy custard. The preparation process is easy but very long. The end result is worth every minute of your time.

Recipe: Telegraph

14. Navel Oranges

14 foods that start with n navel orange marmalade

These fruits are highly rich in vitamin C. They are seedless, very juicy, and sweet. Besides eating them as fruits, you can also add them to your cake recipe to make an orange cake or crate their skin for flavor in pancakes and other dishes.

Recipe: Archanas Kitchen

15. Nasi Goreng

15 foods that start with n quick spicy nasi goreng

This is a simple rice dish that originates from Indonesia. If you’re tired of eating plain boiled rice, you wish to give it another twist, think Nasi Goreng.

It is pan-fried rice mixed with vegetables, meat, and other spices. Season with soy sauce for a sweet taste and serve hot as the main course.

Recipe: BBC Good Food

16. Naan Bread

16 foods that start with n naan

Visit Asian countries without actually going there with this oven-baked leavened flatbread. To make naan bread, you need yogurt, all-purpose wheat flour, and yeast.

Before baking, make sure you leave the dough for some time to rest and double its size. You can serve it with pretty all sauces but tastes better with chicken sauces.

Recipe: Budget Bytes

17. Nachos

17 foods that start with n loaded nachos

Basically, nachos are tortilla chips topped with melted cheese. Most people eat them as an appetizer or a snack.

You can also serve nachos as the main dish when you top it with other ingredients like shredded chicken, lettuce, grilled corn, or pinto beans.

Recipe: The Pioneer Woman

18. Nashi Pear

18 foods that start with n nashi pear

Don’t mistake this fruit for an apple considering its round shape. Nasho pears have white flesh. They are incredibly juicy, crispy, and have a sweet taste.

These fruits are very healthy, high in fibre and vitamin C. Whatever your choice, you can bake, grill, barbecue, or slice and eat them fresh. Also, you can add slices of nashi pear to either pork or chicken dishes for a sweet and savory taste.

Recipe: Food To Love

19. Nantua Sauce

19 foods that start with n simple nantua

It is a French sauce you can make from crayfish butter and cream. It got its name from Nantua city. Nantua sauce goes well with seafood, but you can add it to other dishes like fish and vegetables.

Recipe: Recipe Land

20. Nutmeg

20 foods that start with n custard pie with nutmeg

Nutmeg is a seasoning spice whose origin is Indonesia. Dry the nutmeg seeds for a period of weeks until dry and ready. The taste varies when you use it whole or ground.

You can add this fantastic spice to both savory and sweet foods and as a garnish in cappuccino.

Recipe: The Spruce Eats

21. Nuggets

21 foods that start with n homemade chicken nuggets

Treat your children to these homemade mouthwatering chicken pieces, most famous in fast food points. The process requires you to batter the chicken then bake or deep fry till golden brown.

Ensure you prepare a sauce dip to go along with your crunchy nuggets.

Recipe: Food Network

22. Nutella

22 foods that start with n homemade nutella

Who wouldn’t love a slice of bread with Nutella spread? Yummy!. Nutella spread is a mixture of hazelnut and cocoa blended till smooth and is so much addictive. Besides bread, you can add it to ice-creams and cakes too.

Recipe: Crunchy Creamy Sweet

23. Nougat

23 foods that start with n nougat recipe

Make this yummy confection with nuts, sugar, eggs. You can make a homemade nugget by simply mixing nuts and sugar in a bowl, then whisk with egg whites to produce a chewy component. Add the paste to a dessert or eat it alone.

Recipe: Great British Chefs

24. Nokhod Polo

24 foods that start with n nokhod polo

Nokhod polo is another great food that starts with the letter n. It is perfect if you want to bring up something different with rice. 

Several recipes are surrounding this dish, but the point is; you cook rice with chickpea. Serve it with meat as the main course.

Recipe: igotitfrommymaman

25. Nuts

25 foods that start with n sweet salty spicy party nuts

These are the most famous foods that start with n. there are quite a number of varieties of nuts, cashew, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, etc. watch your weight by frequently eating nuts.

They add essential fats, proteins, and fiber to your body and reduce cardiovascular risks.

Recipe: Allrecipes

26. Nerds

26 foods that start with n nerds cocktail

This is a very addictive candy to both kids and adults. They come in various colors; pink, purple, green, and yellow and are either grape or strawberry flavored.

Recipe: Kidspot

27. Napoleon cake

27 foods that start with n napoleon cake

Napoleon cake consists of several layers creamed in between the layers. Add batter together with cream for a soft and tender touch. It is undoubtedly a sweet treat for yourself and your kids on the weekend.

Recipe: Natasha’s Kitchen

28. Nopalitos

28 foods that start with n nopalitos

To make this dish, you require diced nopales from pear cactus. To eat them, you may decide to saute and add them in eggs or tacos, or simply pan-fry them with onions and tomatoes to enjoy.

They have a tart flavor, and you can eat them raw. Nopalitos are known to reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar in human bodies.

Recipe: SimplyRecipes

29. Navajo Taco

29 foods that start with n navajo tacos

It is very crispy on the outside yet soft and chewy on the inside; Navajo tacos are Indians fried bread. Top it up with ground beef, beans, cream, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce to taste.

Don’t forget to add cheese that will melt away in your mouth as you eat.

Recipe: Allrecipes

30. Niños Envueltos

These are cabbage wraps for meat and rice rolls before cooking, mainly in the Dominican Republic. After wrapping, cook your rolls in thick tomato sauce till ready. Serve hot as the main dish.

Recipe: Dominican Cooking

31. Namakpara

31 foods that start with n namak

Spoil yourself with these light and savory snacks from India. They bring a lot of childhood memories for many Indian adults. To make this snack, you need pepper, ajwain, and wheat flour.

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients, knead perfectly with water till soft, divide in ball shapes, then spread and cut to your desired shapes. Finally, deep fry till golden brown to enjoy.

Recipe: Times of India

32. Noon Chai

32 foods that start with n kashmiri noon chai

Noon chai’s main ingredients are baking soda, milk, and green tea leaves. You can also refer to it as pink tea because of its pink color. You may add a sweetener, but traditionally, you shouldn’t add sugar in noon chai.

Most common in Indian homesteads, they serve it with traditional homemade bread like nan or nuts for breakfast or dinner.

Recipe: Archanas Kitchen

33. Nigiri

33 foods that start with n nigiri

Nigiri is one of the most delicious foods in Japanese cuisine. Basically, it is sushi rice on a plate of raw fish, shrimps, and vinegar. Serve it for lunch or dinner with a hot cup of tea or a glass of cold fresh juice.

Those who don’t fancy the smell of raw fish can use parma ham, tofu, smoked salmon, or mushrooms instead. Add ginger pickles or soy sauce to this dish to taste.

Recipe: Chefsteps

34. Nonpareil

34 foods that start with n nonpareil

Cover your chocolate bars in these tiny sugar balls for a sweet taste. Nonpareil is available in several colors, making it ideal for children’s parties. They are so delicious and quite addictive.

You’ll see these tiny sugar balls on top of cakes, candies, or muffins in the supermarket or candy stores for decorative purposes. They are eye-catching; you may find yourself buying them without initially planning to.

Recipe: Sugar Spices Life

35. Nikujaga

35 foods that start with n nikujaga

This is also one of the Japanese cuisines. Nikujaga consists of meat, onions, and potato stew. Add these ingredients to mirin or vegetables and sweet soy sauce to cook till it reduces the liquid to half.

That’s when you know it’s ready. It is a common food in japan during winter. Serve it with rice for lunch or dinner.

Recipe: Cooking with dog


foods that start with letter n

From fruits, snacks, drinks, appetizers or starters, and main course dishes, you get to learn more about foods that start with N.

It is a whole pack of knowledge from their countries of origin, nutritional values, and medicinal values. And the best part about it all is that you can try them out using the recipes given.

Other foods:

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