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44 Foods that Start with Letter Z

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Just like children’s names, culinary dishes also start with particular letters which is very important to those who love cooking. There are quite a number of delicacies beginning with the letter Z.

They range from desserts, fruits, delicious snacks, to drinks. If you’re in search of such dishes, you’re in the right place. Here are foods that start with Z.

best foods that start with letter z

1. Zander

1 foods that start with z zander

There are many different types of fish out there that start with the letter z, and one of them is the delicious zander. This is a light fish that you can either make like a fish sauce or a sauce that includes ketchup since it does not have many bones.

Recipe: laplandwildfish

2.  Zarzuela

2 foods that start with z zarzuela

Of course, you will love this Spanish stew. It comes with pretty seafood. Many people make it traditional with mussels and scallops. To enjoy it better, serve with red or white wine, bell peppers, or spices. Despite taking a long time to simmer, the result is always perfect.

Recipe:  chefspencil

3.  Zucchini

3 foods that start with z zuchini

Do you love veggies? Try out Zucchini. This is a type of vegetable that is grown mostly in summer gardens. It does well mostly in hardiness zones. It goes well with chicken, fish, or any main dish when it is roasted or steamed.

Recipe: delish

4.  Zest

4 foods that start with z zest

Zest acts as an ingredient in many recipes that start with z. It brings a taste of sweet sourness to the recipes. To get to zest, you rub the lemon rind against a grater, and you will get teaspoons of zest.

Don’t rub it too hard since it might cause bitter flavor into your pie or cake. You can use zest depending on the cuisine you intend to eat.

Recipe:  masterclass

5.  Zerde

5 foods that start with z zerde

This sweet pudding from Turkey is used primarily for weddings or any other celebration. It’s a light yellow pudding type dessert which is easy to make for a large number of people. You can try this dessert by sampling a few different options.

Recipe: turkishstylecooking

6.  Ziti

6 foods that start with z ziti

Ziti is a popular dish to make in Italian cuisine because of its simplicity and the love it is given. You only need to take your ziti noodles and bake them in a casserole containing cheese, sauce, or even your choice of vegetables. Quite simple and easy, yet costing a very little amount of money.

Recipe:  simply recipes

7.  Zoni

7 foods that start with z zoni

Zoni is only for those in Japan since finding it outside Japan can be an uphill task. If you are in Japan, then you can enjoy this rich soup that comes with rice cakes. Take a trip to Japan if you want to get a taste of this rich soup. It is almost available in every Japanese restaurant.

Recipe:  allrecipes  

8.  Zopf

8 foods that start with z zopf

Zopf is Switzerland bread that shares the same appearance as Challah but tastes differently.

The bread is made up of yeast, butter, eggs, milk, and flour. However, you cannot slice this bread and eat it with a sandwich; instead, you will use it in soups and stews.

Recipe: allrecipes

9.  Zucotto

9 foods that start with z zuccotto

This wonderful dessert comes from Italy. It takes quite some time to make, so you have to be patient with it. It uses both ice cream and cake. Making it is not easy because it needs to be served while frozen to hold its form. Don’t overheat it since it might fall apart.

Recipe:  my recipes

10. Zingers

10 foods that start with z zingers

Snacks are very common in many households across the world. Zingers are among the snack cakes that are widely known. The only setback with a zinger is that it isn’t easy to find everywhere.

The most common place you can find it is in gas stations. Give your kids a taste of zinger whenever they need something sweet.

Recipe:  food52

11. Zinfandel Grapes

11 foods that start with z zingfandel

You’ve heard of Zinfandel wines, but how about Zinfandel grapes? Zinfandel wine is made of Zinfandel grapes. The tart taste of this grape makes it feel punchier. Ensure the grapes are chilled to get the full breadth of their flavors.

Recipe:  foodandwine

12. Zimtsterne

12 foods that start with z zimtsterne

This is a German cookie that is mainly made for kids. They aren’t too sweet, and you can also not eat many of them. Finding it outside Germany is also a disaster not unless you know someone from there. Keep your kids busy with this real good cinnamon star.

Recipe:  bbcgoodfood

13. Zima

13 foods that start with z zima

For the lovers of beer, this was among the best beers in the early 1990.  It has not fit well in today’s market since its resurgence in 2021. This is a carbonated beverage that is simply a combination of beer and soda. Why not try out one if you used to enjoy it in those olden days?

Recipe: allrecipes

14. Zigzag Vine Fruit

14 foods that start with z zig zag vine

Try out zigzag vine fruit if you want to try out a new type of fruit. This fruit grows in clusters on a vine and is originally from Australia.

It adds a sherbet flavor to foods and sauces. Ensure you pick some when you tour a rainforest in Australia since they are fond of growing against lush greenery.

15. Zeppole

15 foods that start with z zeppole

This is another Italian food on the block. It is a dessert food that is deep-fried into a ball with powdered sugar. You can also cover them with chocolate, honey, or custard jelly.

Finding the authentic one is quite difficult not unless you pay a visit to an Italian bakery.

Recipe: allrecipes

16. Zucchini Bread

16 foods that start with z zucchini bread

This is the easiest and tastiest bread to make. The bread just comes out moist and delicious when you have the right recipe.

It is quite a good snack you can enjoy in the evening alongside melted butter. Maintain the small to medium size by using a tin that is proper in size.

Recipe:  allrecipes

17. Zaátar

17 foods that start with z zaatar

This is a Middle Eastern spice blend used in many ways. You can use it to rub over chicken, beef, lamb, and even fish. You can also sprinkle it over hummus, labneh, and baba ganoush. You can as well use your discoveries to create your delicious meals.

Recipe:  cookie and kate

18. Zampone

18 foods that start with z zampone

Zampone is an Italian sausage that has a creamy texture and has a very spicy flavor. Minced pork meat, shoulder, and even skin are used to make sausage.

The sausage is then encased in the skin of the pig’s foot. It only requires heating since it is partially cooked before it is served. You can enjoy it as an appetizer or slice it into pieces, then serve it with your meal.

Recipe:  everybodylovesitalian

19. Zabaione

19 foods that start with z zabaione

This is one of the greatest food in the world from Italy. It is simply a dessert food. You can make it by whisking egg yolks and wine together.

Champagne is used or wine to give it a sugary taste. It has to be made before serving. You can serve it warm or cold. You can add cornflour to stabilize it.

Recipe:  tasteatlas

20. Ziziphus

20 foods that start with z ziziphus

Think of medicinal purposes whenever you come across this plant. It helps in dietary supplements. This genius shrub is used to treat various conditions such as hypertension and even constipation.

The edible fruits contain vitamin B and C, fiber, and fatty acids. This enables it to offer nutritional values to the body.

21. Zizania

21 foods that start with z zizania

This is an annual growing wild rice. The growth of this species is enhanced by pollination. It can be eaten and also serve medicinal purposes.

You can also use it as cereal. It is a staple food in North American Indians. You can also ground the seed into a meal and use it to make bread.

22. Zwieback

22 foods that start with z zwieback

This crunchy, ultra-light toast is a favorite for teething babies. To prepare, combine all the dough ingredients except cinnamon-sugar, then mix it to form smooth, soft, and sticky dough.

Cover it for a while, then divide the dough into two. Put in the pan, then bake it for some time. After that, you can remove it from the oven then allow it to cool.

Recipe:  allrecipes  

23. Zuppa

23 foods that start with z zuppa

Try out a homemade recipe that is loaded with Italian sausage. Zuppa is the olive garden’s most popular soup. It is also loaded with kale, bacon, and potatoes.

You can also use Italian sauce to make it spicier or add salt and pepper to make it mild or less spicy.

Recipe:  allrecipes

24. Zrazy

24 foods that start with z zrazy

Get that traditional feeling by incorporating this polish roulade into your diet. Its varieties include mushrooms, herbs, sauerkraut, and bread crumbs with horseradish. You can use recipes such as beef, ham, pickles, and green onions.

Recipe:  Thespruceeats

25. Zigeuner Sauce

25 foods that start with z zigeuner

This gypsy food comes from Belgium and Germany. It contains tomato paste, bell peppers, paprika, and onions. The preparation of this sauce also varies. But it is mostly used with sausages, meats, and potatoes.

Recipe: mybestgermanrecipes

26. Zapote

26 foods that start with z zapote

This strong malty, and sweet flavor fruit is found in Central and South America. The color of this noble fruit ranges from red to pink. It is eaten raw, and you can also use it in beverages.

It provides nutrients such as vitamin C, B, and E, potassium, and fiber. Its sweetness tastes like fig and has an avocado texture.

Recipe:  dominican cooking

27. Zhe

27 foods that start with z zhe

Do you love Chinese fruits? Try out zhe. This is a Chinese fruit that is relatively multibery. Also, you can still find this fruit in some Asian countries.

Its other names include cudrang, silkworm thorn, che, zhe, and, lastly, mandarin melon berry.

Recipe: kimmy-cookingpleasure

28. Zwetschge

28 foods that start with z zwetschgendatschi

This is a German variation of the plum. It is most popular in Central Europe. It is used in decorating jams, desserts, and chocolate. This variation of plum is also acting as a great source of vitamin A, K, and C.

Recipe: daring gourmet

29. Zea Mays

29 foods that start with z zea mays

Every household in the entire world uses or cultivates this crop. It is an important ingredient not only in the human diet but also in animal feeds.

World food security depends on this staple food. It has a lot of continuous development in society.

30. Zongzi

30 foods that start with z zongzi

Zongzi food is sticky rice and other ingredients wrapped together in bamboo or reed leaves. They are originally from China.

You may find zongzi from the north tasting sweet and is filled with red beans. That from the south can be savory and is filled with meat, eggs, nuts, and mushrooms.

Recipe:  taste asian food  

31. Zapiekanka

31 foods that start with z zapiekanka

Try this hot-open-faced sandwich that is made from slices of baguette and topped with a grated semi-hard cheese. This look-alike pizza is grilled under a broiler.

It came originally with sautéed mushrooms and cheese. Nowadays, you can get them with meat, olives, and pineapple.

Recipe: taste atlas  

32. Zacusca

32 foods that start with z zacusca

Are you a fan of roasted red peppers and eggplant? This recipe is for you. It is simply a combination of both roasted pepper and eggplant. This classic and popular recipe from Romania generally emphasizes on ingredients. It is very versatile.

Recipe: chilipeppermadness

33. Zaotang

33 foods that start with z zaotang

Zaotang is one of those foods that promote cultural beliefs in the Chinese provinces. Chinese people offer it in front of a portrait they consider as the Kitchen God, then beg him to speak in favor of their family.

It is a healthy candy that is made of barley sugar. It is very sticky and sweet.

Recipe:  epicurious

34. Zaalouk

34 foods that start with z zaalouk

Try out this Moroccan recipe, made-up eggplant, and tomato-cooked salad. This delicious meal contains eggplant, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and spices.

It is usually used as a side dish to many meals and is served as a dip with crusty bread. If you want to get the best results, use fresh and ripe tomatoes.

Recipe:  The Spruce Eats

35. Zhaliang

35 foods that start with z zhaliang

This is everyone’s favorite, especially kids. Many households love Chinese fried dough that is wrapped inside silky rice noodles. It is garnished with a drizzle of sweet soy sauce and even sesame seeds and scallions.

Recipe:  the works of life

36.  Zagorski Strukli

36 foods that start with z zhaliang

Try out this popular traditional dish found in Croatia. It contains a dough and various types of filling that can be boiled or baked. When baked, it is placed in a baking tray and covered with a clotted cloth, then baked for some minutes until it gets brown on the top.

Recipe:  Croatia Week

37. Zurek

37 foods that start with z zurek

This is the most polished and exotic soup that you can get your hand on. It was mainly eaten during Easter, but you can also get it all-year-round.

Despite many relations with Spain and Italy’s bread and garlic soup, it lacks both meat vegetable bases. Instead, it has zakwas, which is made from rye bread and water.

Recipe:  The Spruce Eats

38. Zereshk Polow

38 foods that start with z

This is simply a tart barberries cooked with onions, orange peel, and almonds in a saffron-rose sauce. Try out these layered rice dishes that have ancient origins.

The cooking is done in a skillful way in which the ingredients cannot get sticky or dry.

The perfect separation of rice enables them to be gently wrapped with meats, vegetables or cooked with fruit without any clinging.

Recipe: The Kitchn

39. Zucchini muffin

39 foods that start with z zucchini muffin

Get your hand on this best zucchini bread muffin. Features that make it the best include moist, sweet, shredded Zucchini, dried cranberries, and walnuts.

It is also spiced with vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It is very easy to make; you don’t need a mixer. You only need a wooden spoon and two bowls.

Recipe:  Simply recipes

40. Zucchini fritters

40 foods that start with z zucchini fritterz

You cannot rule out this important part of the zucchini family. Try out these zucchini fritters using freshly-grated Zucchini, eggs, herbs, and flour.

You can serve it by dipping garlic lemon into sour cream. You shouldn’t leave behind green onions. After that, you can fry your fritters until it gets brown on both sides.

Recipe:  All Recipes

41. Zarangollo

41 foods that start with z zarangollo

This is a common dish found in Spain. Try it out when you visit any restaurants in Spain or when you come across any Spanish restaurant and bars.

It is a scrambled egg with Zucchini, onion, and sometimes potatoes. The ingredients in this dish are finely sliced, fried in olive oil, and then mixed with the bitten eggs.

Recipe:  Spain-Recipes

42. Zweibelrostbraten

42 foods that start with z Zwiebelrostbraten

This is a typical Viennese dish. It is roast beef with onion, giving it a gravy look. Apart from meat, onions play a very integral part here since it is a key ingredient that provides a wonderful taste and makes this perfect dish. It is very common in Australia.

Recipe:  Viking River Cruises

43. Zhajiangmian

43 foods that start with z zha jiang mian

This is the perfect combination of salty, sweet, and savory. It is a mixture of soybeans, water, and salt. These soybeans and salty sauces are heated together then draped over wheat noodles to make this dish.

Recipe: Red House Spice

44. Zest Saltines

44 foods that start with z

Try out this soup whenever your stomach feels sour. It will help your stomach to calm down. It comes with a mixture of salt. Their sodium content is very low as per serving. You can also cover them with peanut butter and also make peanut butter crackers.

Recipe:  Just a pinch

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As you can see, there are many different types of food start with the letter Z. Take your time after going the list then try out the best food you love. It doesn’t hurt to try different recipes even if they’re not from your region.

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