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45 Delicious Foods That Start With ‘D’

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If you love eating or cooking, then it’s good to know the names of these foods. Probably the food names you might know could be starting with different letters. But high chances are you can’t mention several different food names starting with the same letter. 

Try the challenge and see how much fun it is. Doing this will also increase your creativity in the kitchen as you’ll want to try the new recipes. Read on and learn about foods that start with D.

delicious foods start with letter d

1.  Daikon helps enhance liver functions

1 foods that start with d daikon

Daikon is a popular food in Japan, although its origin is Asia. It’s a sweet white radish which is more peppery, unlike the red radish. It almost resembles carrots’ shape, and you can eat them raw, cooked, or even pickled.

You can use it as condiment or edible garnish as it’s fresh and crunchy. You can prepare them into a salad or French fries, depending on your taste.

Recipe: mykoreankitchen

2.  Dall sheep for making your blood healthy

2 foods that start with d dall

Dall sheep, whose other name is thinhorn sheep, originates from northwestern North America. It’s a wild sheep with tasty meat but hunting them is never easy and dangerous.

The risks while hunting them and the fact that their meat is tasty makes them sell at a higher price.

The good thing about its meat is that it’s soft, making it easy to cook. It’s also a good source of protein and iron.

Recipe: Greenviewoutdoors

3.  Dabberlocks for regulating blood sugar level

3 foods that start with d dabberlocks

Dabberlocks are popular in some regions like the North Atlantic in countries like Iceland, Scotland, and Greenland.

It’s an edible brown alga with minerals like iron, calcium, and iodine, which is good for your health. It’s also good for your heart and can help in the digestion process. You can cook it or eat it raw when it’s still fresh.

4.  Damson

4 foods that start with d damson jam

These are fruits which only grow in Europe and Britain. Damsons belong to the same group as plum, and they have similar tastes.  But they’re a bit sugary and with astringent flavor. You can eat them raw or use them to make jams and preserves.

Recipe: GoodTo

5.  Dandelion greens have beneficial minerals

5 foods that start with d dandelion

Dandelion greens are currently gaining popularity because of their great health benefits. It can help you reduce cholesterol levels, weight, and swellings.

It’s also a good anti-oxidant and can promote your heart and liver condition. But it isn’t very pleasant, so you may want to combine it with other greens like spinach.  

Recipe: Allrecipes

6.  Darjeeling

6 foods that start with d darjeeling tea

Darjeeling is one of the popular fermented black teas. It’s named after the region in which it grows in Darjeeling city.

It has a specific harvesting time since that’s when its aroma and flavor are high. When you cook this tea, its taste and aroma will make your family come for more.

Recipe: SparkRecipes

7.  Darwin’s barberry has medicinal benefits

7 foods that start with d darwin barberry

These berries were discovered by Darwin in South America and were named after him. You can eat it raw. Given that it’s acidic most people don’t prefer eating it. But its roots and bark are medicinal and can help you with various ailments.

You can use it to make jellies, jam, and drinks. It can help you treat infections, good for managing cancer, and reduce swellings.

Recipe: Wilderness Guide

8.  Dasheen

8 foods that start with d dasheen

Dasheen, whose other name is taro, resembles yams. Its roots are edible and are a staple food in most countries in Africa and South Asia. You can bake, boil or roast it depending on your preference.

Cook it or soak it overnight, given that it’s poisonous when eaten raw. You can also eat its leaves too. Dasheen is sweet, starchy, and a bit nutty.

Recipe: Foodie Nation

9.  Date-plum helps relieve constipation

9 foods that start with d date plum

Date plums originated from southeast Europe and southwest Asia. Its name comes from the flavor, which is a juicy combination of dates and plums. It’s a small yellow berry with a diameter of less than 1 inch. 

If you have these fruits in your compound, their aroma will draw you closer once they’re ripe. Eating these fruits can help aid digestion, and they’re anti-cancerous.

Recipe: One Green Planet

10. Dates for sweetening food

10 foods that start with d date syrup

Another fruit that you’ll love because of its taste is dates. There are some varieties of dates you can eat raw. But mostly, it’s good for sweetening foods without adding sugar. You can make them as syrups or dry and store them.

Recipe: TheKitchn

11. Davidson’s plum good source of vitamin C

11 foods that start with d davidson plum jam

Davidson’s plum is mostly in Australia. It resembles the common plums, but they don’t belong to the same family. Davidson’s plum tree is mostly a wild tree, but it’s cultivated because of its fruits.

You can use it to make wine, jam, or sauces. Given that it’s a good source of vitamin C, it’ll help boost your immunity.

Recipe: Strayed from the table

12. Daylily

12 foods that start with d daylily fritter recipe

The daylily is not the common lily you know. It’s an edible flower which you can buy at the market. It is commonly referred to as yellow flower vegetables.

You can add it to other dishes like buddha’s delight. They’re a good source of protein and vitamin C.

Recipe: Edible Capital District

13. Dead man’s finger

13 foods that start with d dead man fingers

This fruit is sweeter and softer than watermelon, even though it has a scary name. It’s commonly found in eastern Asia on small shrubs, which most people plant for decorative purposes. It’s rich in nutrients and delicious.

Recipe: A Lush Life Manual

14. Deer good source of amino acids

14 foods that start with d deer good

If you love wild meat, then deer shouldn’t miss on your to-cook list. Deer are wild animals that are common in almost all the continents except in Antarctica and Australia.

Its meat is popularly known as venison. Deer’s meat is leaner but tough than beef, but it’s a good protein and amino acid source.

Recipe: All our way

15. Desert king fig

15 foods that start with d fig jam

You are wondering how a fig tree produces fruits? Search for Desert king fig around the coastal regions of the northwest and see for yourself. It grows big and has large, sweet fruits.

The figs are bright yellow on the back and open up to rich pink flesh inside. You can use the figs to make jam or eat them raw.

Recipe: On Rue Tatin

16. Dessert lime for enhancing favors

16 foods that start with d

Dessert limes are popular in native Australia. It takes a short time to mature after flowering compared to any other fruit.

It resembles lime in everything except the flavor, which is intense and sharp.  You can use it to make jams, preserves, or to enhance flavor.

Recipe: Food

17. Dessert quandong

17 foods that start with d dessert quandong

This is another fruit in Australia which you can eat while fresh or dried. You can also make it into essential oils.

They resemble cranberries though sweeter and tangy. Its seeds are good for treating various illnesses.

Recipe: SBS

18. Dessert yams boost brain functions

18 foods that start with d golden yam brownie

Another name for these yams is bush potatoes. Its origin is Australia. But now it’s an endangered plant. A dessert yam can grow up to the human head’s size, and its flavor and texture are great.

It’s easy to prepare and has health benefits like enhancing brain functions. It’s also a good source of minerals and vitamins, and fiber will help you with digestion.

Recipe: Allrecipes

19. Sweet Detar to aid digestion

19 foods that start with d detar fruit leather

Detar is a tree in West Africa that produces green fruits with a lot of fiber. It’s sweet and sour, good for those who love such fruits. It can stay longer without going bad, so you can stock many of them. You can either eat it raw or make fruit leather from it by combining other ingredients.

It’s a good source of vitamin c and has good pulp content. It’s also anti-bacterial good for treating infections.

Recipe: Allrecipes

20. Dewberries for reducing high blood pressure

20 foods that start with d dewberry

Dewberries and raspberries are similar, with the only difference being on their seeds. You’ll find them mostly in North America, where they grow as wild fruits.

Its harvesting takes place around April and May. Dewberry can help you manage your blood pressure, prevent aging and constipation. It may also prevent cancer and skin aging.

Recipe: Food

21. Dill for enhancing the flavor

21 foods that start with d dill with carrots

Dill is an herb that grows in Europe and Asia, with its seeds and leaves being edible. You can use dill for enhancing the flavor of your food or make a salad. But the seeds are also useful as they’re for making pickled foods tasty.

The aroma in dill is so attractive, although it reduces with time as it dries.

 It’s an anti-oxidant and may reduce your blood sugar level and prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

Recipe: TheKitchn

22. Dogfish

22 foods that start with d dogfish

If you love boneless fish, try cooking dogfish and see how sweet it is. Dogfish are there in two species; one is spiny, and the other is smooth.

It’s the best fish to cook for kids since they’ll not have to pick bones. It’s a good source of vitamin B12 and B16, which are good for your health. You can cook it in any way you like; roast, grill, or fry.

Recipe: Myrecipes

23. Dolichos beans for a healthy heart

23 foods that start with d dolichos

Dolichos beans have their roots in Africa as it’s cultivated widely for food. Its pods come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Its other name is hyacinth or lablab bean. You should boil it thoroughly before eating to remove the toxins.

It has lots of nutrients like zinc, vitamin B, manganese, and iron which are good for your body.  You can use it to manage your blood sugar levels. It’s also good for the heart since it doesn’t have much sodium.

Recipe: SpiceIndiaOnline

24. Dolphin

24 foods that start with d sashimi

Many stories revolve around eating dolphins globally, but it’s been a staple food for the people along the coast. There are some countries like Japan and Peru where they still value dolphin meat.

Its meat is thick with some patches or red and black. You can either deep fry it or eat it as sashimi. Cooking dolphins helps enhance their flavor, and they can taste like the beef liver.

Recipe: Olive Magazine

25. Dolphinfish helps boost the protein level

25 foods that start with d garlicky lemon

Dolphins and dolphinfish are different, although most people confuse. Its commonly known as mahi-mahi in the streets to avoid confusion. It’s a big fish which weighs around 90 pounds with rainbow colors. 

It’s a source of protein and vitamins B3, B6, B12, which are good for your health. Mahimahi has a nutrient called selenium which is a good anti-oxidant. You can either fry, bake or roast it.

Recipe: Delish

26. Domsiah rice for boosting energy levels

26 foods that start with d domsiah

Domsiah is a long grain rice common in Iran, and it has a signature mark on the edge of every rice. It smells nice and cooks well, giving a light but fluffy rice. You can serve it with either meat or chicken stew.

Just like any other rice, it’s a good energy booster and a source of protein. It can also help you reduce obesity and cancer risks.

Recipe: Uniqop

27. Danish

27 foods that start with d danish pastry

Danish is a dessert or breakfast roll that contains fruits and cheese. You can buy them from the store or prepare them at home. Some Danish also has meat fillings so you can make what’s good for you.

Recipe: Allrecipes

28. Dahl helps aid digestion

28 foods that start with d indian red lentil dal

If you love Indian food, then you can’t miss knowing dahl. It’s an Indian lentil that has ghee or clarified butter.  You can cook it after soaking and then simmer until they break open. Given that it’s an Indian dish, it can’t miss spices, so use your favorite.

You can spice it with ginger, coriander seeds, or cumin. It’s a good source of vitamin B and minerals like manganese and potassium. The high fiber content makes it good for your digestion.

Recipe: The wanderlust Kitchen

29. Dumplings for boosting energy levels

29 foods that start with d dumplings

Dumplings are common in Europe and Asia, although they originated in China. You can boil, fry or steam them according to your preference. If you don’t like it, plain, add some chili oil, garlic, and black vinegar to enhance flavor.

Dumplings fillings include minced meat, seafood, vegetables, or soup. It’s a good source of carbohydrates with few calories.


30. Doughnuts

30 foods that start with d doughnuts

Doughnuts are deep-fried sweet dough. Some people say it has a Dutch origin as they refer to it as olykoeks. You can make your doughnuts at home in any shape you like and eat them for breakfast or snacks.

To make yours unique, you can add bacon flavoring and maple or even turn them into burgers or sandwiches, which is now the trend with doughnuts.

Recipe: Sally’s Baking Addiction

31. Durian helps increase iron level

31 foods that start with d durian

Even though durian has a funky smell, it’s sweet and with good pulp. Its origin is in south Asia, around Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Durian is the world’s smelliest fruit with nutritious benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, which helps build immunity levels.

Iron and potassium are also beneficial to your bones. The fiber in durian will aid your digestion process. But don’t overeat it as it can cause complications like feeling dizzy.

Recipe: Allrecipes

32. Duck helps repair skin

32 foods that start with d duck roast

Duck is an edible bird that belongs to the same family as geese. Most people domesticate it and eat it too. Its meat is soft and rich in protein, helping you repair your muscles, blood, and skin. It’s also rich in iron that is essential in providing you with energy.

However, it’s red meat, so if you’re not a fan, avoid it. You can use different methods to cook your duck-like roasting, deep-frying, or steam. 

Recipe: Julia’s Album

33. Drumsticks to boost your immunity

33 foods that start with d chicken drumstick

Drumsticks are chicken legs. You can buy them cheaply from any store as they sell them per pound. Drumsticks are rich in vitamins, iron ad zinc which can help you boost your immunity. It’s also good for your skin as it contains collagen, which helps maintain elasticity.

 Something you may not know about drumsticks because it can help in weight reduction as it increases fat metabolism. You can prepare them in any way you prefer, like deep frying or baking.

Recipe: Delish

34. Deviled ham

34 foods that start with d deviled

Deviled ham is ground ham with condiments and spices like mayonnaise, tabasco sauce, pepper, and salt. Other ingredients include vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and cayenne pepper. You can buy it at any food store near you, although you can make your homemade ham.

If you make yours at home, you’ll benefit greatly health-wise. You can make deviled ham spread, sandwich, or salad.

Recipe: Allrecipes

35. Drumstick for its healing benefits

35 foods that start with d moringa leaves stir

Another name of drumstick is moringa, it’s mostly in tropical and sub-tropical areas. You can eat its leaves, flowers, and seeds, which are very nutritious.

It’s great for managing diabetes, reducing pimples, and makes your bones strong. Moringa is also good for your heart and can also heal various infections.

Recipe: The Take It Easy Chef

36. Dolmathes to boost blood circulation

36 foods that start with d dolmathes

This is a stuffed grape leaf covering spiced rice. At times it contains ground lamb and rice, and its Greek cuisine. You can eat it while cold or warm with a yogurt sauce that has garlic flavor.

It serves as an appetizer or main dish. It’s low in calories but contains high fiber content. Dolmathes are also an antioxidant.

Recipe: Allrecipes

37. Dendeng helps improve immunity

37 foods that start with d spicy beef jerky

Dendeng is a thin strip of chile seasoned beef that is deep-fried in oil. It’s an Indonesian dish and contains proteins that can boost your immune system.

Recipe: Petit Chef

38. Dagwood sandwich to boost nutrients level

38 foods that start with d dagwood

This sandwich contains different ingredients like meat, cheese, veggies, and various condiments. It’s tall and has several layers and was named after an actor in a comic strip Blondie.

Given that it has various ingredients like vegetables, it’s a healthy sandwich with lots of nutrients.

Recipe: Myrecipes

39. Dolma helps in blood clot

39 foods that start with d dolmas

Dolma originated from Turkey, and it’s a vegetable or leaf used as a wrapping for other foods. It consists of different types of vegetables. You can use any filling with dolma as long as you’re comfortable with it.

But the common fillings for dolma are tomato, zucchini, eggplant, and onion. It’s rich in vitamin K, which is good for your heart and bones.

Recipe: Allrecipes

40. Deviled eggs help boost potassium level

40 foods that start with d deviled eggs

Deviled eggs, also known as Russian eggs, are good for you. The name is because of the creative way of cooking the eggs. But in a real sense, they’re hard-boiled eggs that are shelled and divided into halves.

They’re then filled with egg yolk and some other ingredients to make it tasty. It’s a good source of potassium. 

Recipe: Food network

41. Dilkush Bread

41 foods that start with d dilkush bread

Another food that starts with d is dilkush bread. It’s a popular snack in India. It’s sweet and crunchy given that it comprises dried fruits.

It also has coconut cherries, dates, and cashew nuts fillings. But you can use your favorite fillings for homemade dilkush. It contains carbohydrates and proteins good for your health.

Related: 27 Types Of Cherries: Varieties, Uses

42. Dowdy

42 foods that start with d apple pandowdy

Dowdy, which is also apple pandowdy, is a baked apple pastry that originated from Pennsylvania Dutch. It’s an old-fashioned pastry that is baked on a pan.

Making it is easy since you only add syrup on top of the apples. Then you add flour as toppings to make it tastier.

Recipe: Taste of home

43. Dodger for those with a sweet tooth

43 foods that start with d dodger cake

Dodger is a very sweet cake whose main ingredient is cornbread. It’s smaller and oval-shaped, and you can take tea with them. To make it tastier, dip it inside tea for some seconds. Given that it has a lot of sugar, you should minimize the numbers you’ll eat.

Recipe: Taste Made

44. Drambuie for detoxifying

44 foods that start with d drambuie

If you love Scottish whiskey, then probably you’ve tasted Drambuie. Its main ingredient is scotch whisky which is a product of malted barley. Even though it’s a liqueur, it has some benefits to the body.

It can help you lose weight, detoxify your body and manage diabetes. You can make yours at home and enjoy it after eating. Or buy one from the shops but be ready to spend as it’s not cheap.

Recipe: Serious Eats

45. Dark chocolate can help you improve blood flow to the brain

45 foods that start with d melt in chocolate

It’s hard finding someone who hates chocolate, especially dark chocolates. It doesn’t have milk, so it’s good for those who have lactose intolerance. Its good for your heart as it increases blood flow, preventing the hardening of arteries.

It can also help reduce stress and make your skin smooth. Dark chocolate is also good for your brain.

Recipe: Allrecipes


delicious foods start with d

Food that starts with D should not miss on your to-do recipe list as most of them are beneficial health-wise. You can make it a challenge to cook any of the recipes above which you’ve never tasted.

I hope the foods and their recipes will make you creative in your kitchen. You can leave your comment about these foods and share the recipes with others.

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