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53 Foods that Start with L

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Food plays a very integral part in our life. It not only relieves hunger but also reminds us of our culinary traditions and culture. For those who made friends with the kitchen, trying several recipes is a hobby.

Well, if you’re one of them then we have more recipes here for you. Let’s have a look at various foods, fruits, and drinks that start with L.

delicious foods that start with letter l

1.  Lamb Meat

1 foods that start with l

This is a type of meat that you get from domestic sheep. It’s also known as mutton, especially if it’s from an adult sheep.

When you talk of tenderness, lamb sheep is tenderer than the mutton. Some of its benefits include the provision of nutrients such as zinc, iron, and vitamins.

2.  Lamb Chops

2 foods that start with l

These are tender and delicious chops that are cut from lamb meat. You can make them from animal ribs. You can cook your chops over a barbeque or grill. You can also fry them using your regular pan.

3.  Lasagna

3 foods that start with l

Lasagna is a pasta dish filled with béchamel sauce and tangy tomato sauce. There’s also the addition of cheese which makes this meaty dish sweet.

Make yourself comfortable in any Italian restaurant with this meat sauce stacked with tomato. Add a topping of cheese and bake to perfection.

4.  Latte

4 foods that start with l

This is for coffee lovers. It’s a coffee drink that you can make by steaming milk and espresso. After steaming milk, you apply it on top. Making this coffee is very easy. It has very low coffee content, but that doesn’t deny it the delicious taste.

5.  Lobster

5 foods that start with l

No dining establishment lacks this crustacean in its menu. You can enjoy or serve this popular dish by either boiling or steaming. The meat comes in sandwiches or rolls, in eggs Benedict and pasta dishes.

This crustacean is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and protein. It can also help you get rid of diseases related to the thyroid.

6.  Latke

6 foods that start with l

Give yourself a treat with this Jewish traditional and cultural food. It is a potato pancake that is fried by use of flour, eggs, and shortening. You can also use schmaltz to add more flavor and depth.

7.  Lemonade

7 foods that start with l

Refresh your hot summer days with lemonade. It is very easy to make. You just squeeze the lemons to get the lemon juice, then mix it with cold water.

You then add some mint and leave it to stir. For sour taste, you can add sugar, although refined sugar isn’t good for your health.

8.  Loin

8 foods that start with l

Treat yourself with this meat cut from the spine region and the lowest ribs. You can also get it from the heap bones.

9.  Limburger

9 foods that start with l

Have a taste of this strong smell of cheese from Belgium. The best way you can consume it is to have it in a cheese sandwich. You can spread it over rye bread and add some slices of onion. You can enjoy your beer or black coffee with this tasty cheese.

10. Liver Cheese

10 foods that start with l

This native comes out of pork meat and doesn’t contain any cheese, as the name suggests. It contains corned beef, bacon, and pork.

It looks like a cake or bread on the outside. It has a crunchy and glossy crust. You can slice it and sandwich it with bread. Don’t forget to season it with mustard and add some pickles to it.

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11. London Broil

11 foods that start with l

Get a taste of this American meat dish that contains marinated beef that is broiled. It isn’t from London as the name suggests. Cut it into thin strips as you serve it with sandwiches. You can use a grill or high-heat pan to make it.

12. Lox

12 foods that start with l

This is a fillet of brined salmon. You can cure your salmon in pure salt for about 2-3 months; then, you need to soak it to get rid of the excess salt.

Don’t smoke it. You can sandwich it with cream cheese. Other ingredients you can use include tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and capers.

13. Limoncello

13 foods that start with l

Hot summer days never get better without this Italian Liqueur. You can easily make it by infusing lemon peels into pure alcohol.

Take your time when making it, don’t rush. Steep it for a minimum of 80 days after preparing it, then put it in a freezer so that it can become cold before serving it.

14. Lollipop

14 foods that start with l

Gets that bad breadth off your mouth using this sweet candy stick? This candy is mounted on a stick and is available in lots of flavors and colors. You can either lick or suck it. The choice is yours.

15. Lobscouse

15 foods that start with l

Prepare for yourself this energetic food. You can prepare it with stewed meat, biscuits, and vegetables. Sailors do love it a lot because it contains lots of calories which is a source of energy.

16. Lutefisk

16 foods that start with l

This is a jellyfish that starts with L. It’s more of a traditional fish dish. You can make by boiling cold fillet after softening them using a sodium solution.

You use sodium solution to soak them. Its appearance is not that great, but definitely, you don’t enjoy the appearance but the taste.

17. Lalanga

17 foods that start with l

Don’t mistake this Turkish special with pancake despite the look-alike feature. You can enjoy them as snacks with a cup of tea or have them for breakfast.

You can get this pancake dough by mixing milk, Turkish yogurt, and flour with some eggs. Heat your pan, then add some Riviera olive oil, and then cook them the same way you can cook pancakes.

18. Limpa

18 foods that start with l

You can make this rye bread using brown sugar or molasses. It contains wheat, corn, and rice. These three features give it the perfect taste, which makes it amazing. You can consume this type of bread with either cheese or marmalade.

19. Lavash

19 foods that start with l

Here is another kind of bread that starts with L. It is the best option you can use to wrap food inside. It’s very thin and works well with the stomach.

Some of the food you can roll it with include beef, cheese, and vegetables. It’s very yummy with a little preparation time.

20. Littleneck

20 foods that start with l

Steam this small and young quahog. You steam by heating your pan then adding butter and garlic until it turns golden. After that, you can add wine and lemon juice.

After heating these ingredients, you then bring your littlenecks, cover them and allow them to steam until the clams open. Serve them on a plate, then sprinkle some parsley and viola to add on the taste.

21. Lahmacun

21 foods that start with l

Visit any Turkish restaurant or give your kitchen Turkish by incorporating this dish in your kitchen menu. It contains beef and vegetables, just like pizza variation.

The only difference it has from pizza is that you need to squeeze lemon before consuming it. You can also take in a drink that is rich in calories after eating it since it’s very thin.

22. Lingcod

22 foods that start with l

Fish is very common everywhere. And Lingcod also has a place whenever fish is mentioned. Try out this blue-green fish which also looks like turquoise meat, before cooking.

After the cooking, this color disappears. You have several ways that you can cook this fish, and one of them is the herb-crusted Ling Cod fillets.

23. Linguica

This is simply a pork sausage that you can make by mixing pork meat with onion and garlic. It’s very energetic, especially if you add it to a sandwich.

It has a decent smell and goes well with the stomach, unlike other sausages. Grab some from a nearby restaurant and get that much-needed calorie.

24. Limeade

24 foods that start with l

This food looks exactly like lemonade, but the only difference is that you use limes for making it instead of lemons. You can as well differentiate limeade from lemonade, thanks to the lime flavors.

You can use it as a cocktail or drink it as a soda. The choice is yours. Other contents of limeade include vitamin C, which can help in boosting your immune system.

25. Lady Finger

25 foods that start with l

Lady finger resembles a human finger, and that’s where the name comes from. This is the best vegetable you can ever have, especially when infectious diseases are very rampant. It improves your immune system.

Therefore, get your hand on this green vegetable and fight those immune infections that might be threatening your health.

26. Long John Silvers

26 foods that start with l

Long John Silvers was found by the company Long John Silver’s LLC, and that’s where the name comes from. They are fish, but the only way you can turn them into a delicious meal is to dip them in a batter.

This crispy and juicy food is perfect for fast food. The batter’s key ingredient is the club soda, although it resembles English classic fish and chips.

27. Liverwurst

27 foods that start with l

This is a very popular sausage in Germany. The only difference it has with the normal sausage is that it contains ground liver.

When you grill it, you get that unique aroma which you can’t get from the normal sausage. As you enjoy sipping that beer together with your friends, remember to give yourself a treat with this sweet sausage.

28. Lard

28 foods that start with l

Improve your diet by incorporating this half solid, soft fat from the fatty acids from a pig. You can make it by heating, boiling, or steaming the pig’s fat.

You can use it on many occasions, such as spreading it on your slice of bread the same way you spread butter. You can also use it to enhance the flavors of your dishes.

Give your sausages and fillings that tasty feeling with lard. It also provides flakiness for pastry; therefore, it’s a good substitute for butter.

29. Loaf

29 foods that start with l

A loaf indicates the quantity of bread. You can slice a bread loaf and enjoy them as a meal. You can either eat it alongside a soda or any soft drink. It’s a very healthy food which you cannot afford to miss out on your breakfast. You can add butter to make it tastier.

30. Lentils

30 foods that start with l

You don’t have to eat meat daily when you have lentils around your kitchen. There Are different types of lentils which include red, yellow, or even green lentils.

They can act as a good substitute for meat because they’re rich in proteins, just like meat. They’re also filling.

Lentil soup and lentil-sprout salad are the most common recipes for lentils. Learn how to make it at home because they seem costly in restaurants.

31. Liver

31 foods that start with l

This is an organ that is found in both animals and humans. But you can only eat livers of cow, chicken, and lamb. They resemble meat with their dark.

You can marinate it in hot spices then with flour. After covering it with flour, you can then put them on a kebab stick. Use the same procedure and turn it into a normal dish. It’s very cheap to prepare and also contains a lot of nutrients.

32. Linguine

32 foods that start with l

Enjoy this yummy dish which is a type of pasta that looks like spaghetti. The only difference it has is that it is wider than spaghetti. You can use pesto or sauces. It has a flat and slender strip.

33. Lynchburg Lemonade

33 foods that start with l

This is a lemonade cocktail that can help quench your thirst during summer days. You can make it with ingredients such as Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, triple sec, sour mix, and lemon-lime soda.

This kind of lemonade belongs to a family of sour mix drinks which you can serve with ice, lemon, or garnish the glass with a cherry. Try and prepare yours at home and enjoy this Alabama restaurant recipe.

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34.  Lovage

34 foods that start with l

Every part of this plant is very important. You can use its leaves for medicinal purposes. You can also consume the roots of this plant as vegetables, and lastly, you can use the seeds as spices.

This food plant is highly dominant in the cuisines around the areas of south-European. It’s also known as Sea Parsley. Enhance your potato-based dishes’ aroma with the leaves and stem of this tall, perennial food plant.

35. Lahana Sarmasi

35 foods that start with l

This is the name given to Turkish cabbage. They’re mainly cabbage leaves which you can roll with your spicy minced meat inside.

The taste is amazing, especially if you squeeze them with lemon. Very yummy. You can make a lot of food that starts with L when you combine Lahana with other dishes or ingredients.

36. Legume

36 foods that start with l

This is also a plant that is found in the leguminous family. You can cultivate it on your farm to provide you with some high protein. It’s a good substitute of meat.

Apart from cultivating it for your consumption, you can also farm it to feed your animals. Some of the good examples of legumes include chickpeas, peas, clover, peanuts, and lentils.

37. Liederkranz

37 foods that start with l

This is an American version of Limburger cheese. Give yourself a treat in a while with this yellow-orange tan crust. It has a bit of a soft interior with a pungent flavor which makes it amazing.

You can enjoy it as a snack or have it alongside any soft drink. It has a lot of cheese and pasta inside; therefore, you should eat it in moderation to avoid any health effects.

38. Lettuce

38 foods that start with l

You cannot make any salad without this ingredient. Lettuce contains high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K. It’s also high in magnesium and phosphate.

You can prepare this vegetable to serve using ingredients such as spring onions, balsamic vinegar, and tomatoes.

39. Lekvar

39 foods that start with l

This is a prune butter that you can use as a filling for pastries. It is equivalent to fruit butter or plum butter, but the only difference is that you can make it with dried fruit. You can also use it on slices of bread, rolls, desserts, and cookies.

40.  Loquat

40 foods that start with l

Grab this olive-sized fruit that is yellow acidic, mainly from East Asia. You can use it to make jellies as that is its main use. It is also suitable for your eyes and also your immune system.

This fruit also provides a lot of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber. Plant this seasonal fruit plant in your backyard, and you will get the results. The recipe for this great and spicy tart would work well with pork. It’s also a seasonal fruit. You can find it in the late spring to early summer.

41. Lozenge

41 foods that start with l

Get rid of that sore throat infection using these small medicinal tablets. It dissolves very fast when you put it in your mouth.

You can make it at home by mixing natural ginger and lemon essential oils, then pair it with real honey to give it great flavor. You can also dissolve it using a cup of hot water or tea.

42. Lime Beans

42 foods that start with l

This is also a leguminous family that you can grow for their beans or edible seeds. They contain vitamins and minerals such as potassium, copper, iron, manganese, and phosphorus.

Use that in your small backyard to plant this leguminous plant. You can also substitute them with meat. You can serve them alongside tortillas and rice.

43. Lime

43 foods that start with l

These are acidic fruits that are green in color. They include key lime, dessert lime, kaffir lime, and Persian lime. They are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and many other nutrients.

It’s very suitable to incorporate it with your dish during summer days. It’s a very versatile ingredient. Also, use it in your drinks and main foods.

44.  Liqueur

44 foods that start with l

Give yourself a nice treat after a long day of work with these sweet and strong alcoholic spirits. They contain additional flavors such as fruits, spices, sugar, and herbs.

You can serve it with a dessert or use it with some dessert. They’re very easy to make. You only require an alcohol base, flavoring ingredients, and a simple syrup; then, you are good to go.

45. Liquor

45 foods that start with l

This is also an alcoholic drink that you can make by using distilling spirits and flavorings. There’s no fermentation when making it. They are un-aged and are heavily sweet.

You can make different alcohol flavors using your chocolate, coconut, or any vanilla extract. You can also add food coloring. Warm-up your winter parties with this alcoholic drink, and remember not to take it excess.

46. Lemongrass

46 foods that start with l

It is a tropical island plant in the family of grass that you can use as a spice in your kitchen. It is called lemongrass because it has a scent of lemons.

You can also use it for medicinal purposes—talk of citrusy flavor plus mesmerizing aroma when you use it with other dishes.

You can use it for cooking beverages, curries and also use it to prepare rice. A mixture of fruits such as green apple and guava works well with lemongrass can work well to detox your body.

47. Lupin Beans

47 foods that start with l

These are traditional beans that you can eat as pickled snack food. The people of the Mediterranean are the main consumers of this type of beans. It also comes in bitter varieties, which are rich in alkaloids.

Make sure you rinse them before eating. Also, soak them in salty water for some days if you don’t like the bitter taste. You can consume it with yogurt after ensuring that it lacks bitterness.

48.  Lichis

48 foods that start with l

Fruits are essential since they help the body to fight disease. So incorporating them into your diet won’t do you any harm. Try to take in this small, fleshy fruit when you come around it. It is a fruit found in a tropical tree.

It has a rough texture, and the edible part is in the fleshy part, which you can find inside. You can also use these fruits in many desserts. It’s rich in vitamin C.

49.  Lime Pie

49 foods that start with l

Enjoy this green version of lemon that has a refreshing taste. You can classically prepare it with lime—the refreshing taste results from the sour aroma that you cannot get in other pies.

Besides the taste, you can also get a fresh and incredible smell if you grind the lime shell.

50. Lemon

50 foods that start with l

Lemon is an original native to the southern part of Asia. These yellow-rounded fruits are very sour. You can make them tasty by using sauces, desserts, soups, and dishes.

They also contain vitamin C and antioxidants. You can use it as a remedy to use weight. Squeeze it in a glass of water every morning, and you’ll see the result.

51. Leek

51 foods that start with l

Leek onion shouldn’t miss out in your kitchen whenever you are for foods that start with L. It is a giant version of spring onions that you can use in dishes.

Many people don’t use directly in salads; instead, they prefer using slops. Cook it for a little before using them in salads.

52. Liebfraumilch

52 foods that start with l

Give yourself a treat once in a while with this superb cocktail. With the advancing technology, you can prepare yours at home instead of going to the bar or any restaurant, costly.

You can follow online tutorials to follow how you can prepare it. Make yours at home and enjoy the party.

53. Lolly

53 foods that start with l

Keep your kids during Easter or the summer holidays with homemade ice lollies. You will have to carry on with your work after serving your kids with these lollies because they’ll calm and concentrate on their favorites.

Try these lollies; whether you’ve got kids or you’re the big kid, you’ll enjoy them. You can use plastic cups if you don’t have ice lolly molds. They’re excellent during the spring and summer periods.


foods that start with letter l

There is a lot of food that starts with L, which apart from enjoying, they can also help you learn and understand other people’s culture and tradition. They also help you to expand your knowledge and journey on your culinary.

These foods serve many purposes, ranging from cocktails, snacks, and beverages, and you can also consume them for medicinal purposes. Try a few of them out and share the outcome with us.

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