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What’s the Difference Between Left and Right Twix

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Doctors always advise against eating chocolates because they’re bad for the teeth or rather have no nutritious value. But have you stopped to wonder why these bars are still in the market despite the negativity? Perhaps they’re not too bad after all.

Chocolates are not just snacks you take when you crave them. There is a lot of meaning associated with these delicious bars.

Many people use chocolates to show love, while others portray association appreciation. And they’re not gifts for children, but adults also appreciate them.

Chocolates come in many brands, and one of them is the Twix brand. And to even surprise you more, there’s the left Twix and the right Twix.

The delightful chocolate wrapper has been an all-time favorite to everyone who loves the delicious bars. No one can ever resist the tastes of cream that flows in the mouth when you taste either the left or the right Twix.

But even as chocolate fans continue enjoying this famous Twix brand, there are still controversies surrounding these brands.

The manufacturer claims that the two brands are different. This has raised a lot of confusion among fans who’re yet to find out the difference. Well, if you’re among the confused lot, you might find some answers at the end of this article.

difference between left and right twix

What Is Left Twix?


Left Twix is a famous bar of chocolate from a renowned company called the Mars Chocolate North America’s Twix brand. This brand is well-known for producing quality and delicious bars of chocolate, and not a single person has been able to say no to them.

The left Twix chocolate is made with drizzled caramel and crunchy cookies. This combination is the secret behind the crustiness and sweetness of this chocolate bar. The superior ingredients made from this chocolate contribute to its incredible taste.

What Is Right Twix?

what is right

The right Twix is another famous chocolate from the Twix brand that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to taste. This chocolate also comes from the famous Mars Chocolate North America’s Twix brand. The right Twix is made with cascaded caramel and crunchy cookies.

The chocolate bar comes cloaked in chocolate and cascaded in caramel. This combination makes it crunchy, rich, and luscious. Even the dullest person on earth won’t resist the craving from this delicious chocolate bar.

What Is the Difference Between Left and Right Twix?

left right

Both left and right Twix chocolates are made with cookies and caramel then covered with milk. Both come from the famous Mars chocolate company is a delicious brand with a lot of recognition in America and beyond.

The company introduced the left and right Twix as their campaign to increase the sales of their Twix bars.

In the campaign, the company asked their customers if they liked the left or the right bar. With this, they succeeded in making people think that there was a difference between the two chocolate bars.

Well, most people believe that there is no difference between the bars. Others believe there are noticeable differences. This has led to a lot of online discussions and controversies surrounding the two brands.

No one has been able to pinpoint an exact difference between the two, as most are mere online speculations. For those who believe there’s a difference between the right and the left Twix, they have their reasons. Here are some of the differences that those Twix chocolate lovers point out.

  • The left Twix has a smooth chocolate taste with a crunch of cookie and caramel. Many people believe it’s the superior one because of the sweet taste and crunchiness.
  • How you hold and open the bars when you want to eat them will help you determine the left from the right Twix. There’s a way of holding them correctly for those who understand them better.
  • The bars are packaged in a way that the top and bottom Twix and the names printed lengthwise. The left Twix appears stuck on the right one looking like top and bottom rather than left and right Twix.
  • According to taste testers, the right Twix tends to taste stale and is not as creamy as the left Twix.
  • Another main difference between the bars is their recipes. The left Twix incorporates cookies, caramel, and chocolate. The right has chocolate caramel and cookies. They look like the same ingredients, but they have a different formula of preparation. Check the recipe keenly to understand this
  • The left Twix chocolate is enrobed with chocolate and caramel, making it crispier. The right Twix is cloaked caramel; hence it’s slightly darker with fades of lighter color towards the middle. This is also the secret behind the crunchiness of the left Twix and the mustiness of the right Twix.
  • Others observe that the right Twix has more width than the left one. If you broke both bars in two, then you’ll notice the difference in width.
  • The right Twix seems like it has a thicker caramel coating; hence, this could be why the left Twix has less caramel stretch.
  • And finally, the most noticeable difference between the right Twix and the left Twix is the packaging. They both have quality packaging, with equal length. But the inscription differs where the left Twix is written in red with a white label. The right Twix is written in white with the red label.

What does left and right mean on Twix bars?

The right and left Twix mean the same thing. They’re the same chocolate bars from the same factories with the same flavors. The left and the right Twix is a campaign strategy to get the customers’ attention on the products.

The campaign strategy was meant to make everything fun. Hence, there’s no special meaning attached to the right or left Twix bars. They’re both chocolate bars with delicious toppings that no one has been able to resist.

Are left or right Twix more popular?

As far as consumers are still trying to find the difference between the left and the right Twix, they both remain the talk of the town. Hence, they share the same amount of popularity. But those who’ve been eating these favorite bars and noticed some difference already picked their favorites.

For those who love a mustier taste, they’ll pick the right Twist as their favorite. To those consumers who love the crunchier feel, the left Twist seems to be their all-time favorite. According to the national taste challenge, most fans picked the right Twist as their favorite bar.

Does a left or right Twix sell more?

It’s safe to say that both Twix sides sell more. This is because the difference between them is very slight; hence, people will buy randomly.

Another thing that makes these chocolate bars sell is because many people buy them to compare and tell the difference. Those buying for comparison purposes are likely to buy both brands at the same time.

It seems like the marketing strategy that Mars chocolate company started working in their favor. Many people continue to buy more and more of these bars to compare them. As far as fans are still trying to find the difference, both bars will continue to sell more and generate revenue for the company.


Well, from all the information above, you must still have a lot of confusion on which Twix to try out. Everyone has their version of the differences between the two chocolate bars.

Well, apart from the packaging, which is pretty obvious, it’s not easy to pinpoint any other difference between the two brands of chocolate bars.

The only way to find out the difference between the Right Twix and the Left Twist is to buy both pieces and try them out. Figure out if the differences other fans are pointing out are indeed true.

But even if you don’t find any difference, it’s enough to know that the campaign strategy was a huge success when it comes to increasing sales. This is a wise right marketing strategy that involves creating rivalry to attract consumers’ attention. And the Mars chocolate company has succeeded in doing that.

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