Side Dishes31 Delicious Jambalaya Side Dishes

31 Delicious Jambalaya Side Dishes

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Jambalaya is a good source of protein, vegetables, and starch, making it a full meal.

It’s also attractive, colorful, and with great flavors. But if you want to make it more robust and delicious, you can serve it with a side dish.

Which dish can you pair with jambalaya owing to its colorful nature? Read on and get to pick on your favorite.

jambalaya side dishes

1. Sauteed Chard

1 what to serve with Jambalaya

You can top up the vegetables in jambalaya with chard which is much healthier. It will help you boost your body’s nutrients level as well as make the meal delicious.

You need brown sugar, olive oil, onions vinegar to prepare it. But if you prefer vegetable oil over olive, go ahead and use it. 

2. Homemade Cornbread

2 what to serve with Jambalaya

Suppose you have active kids or need a dish that will keep you full longer, prepare cornbread. But then serve it with jambalaya and see how sweet it’ll be. You can cook it as jambalaya simmers to save on time. 

Combine cornmeal, salt, sugar, baking powder, and flour, then whisk. Then mix butter eggs, and buttermilk in a different bowl. After that, you can combine the two mixtures then bake for around thirty minutes. 

3. Sauteed Collard Greens

3 what to serve with Jambalaya

If you love veggies, make collards and serve them with jambalaya.

It’s easy and quick to make as it will take you only five minutes to simmer and not more than 20 minutes to be ready.

Use sweetened vinegar as dressing or if you wish, go for lemon juice mixed with some mustard.

4. Corn on the Cob

4 what to serve with Jambalaya

Enjoy your jambalaya with this tasty corn on the cob, which is easy to prepare. It will make the meal crunchier, which is good for your teeth.

Prepare them within 20 minutes by boiling and sprinkling some Cajun seasoning, then slather using butter.

5. Okra 

5 what to serve with Jambalaya

Okra is a nutrient-filled dish that will make your jambalaya tastier. You can either sauté chopped okra in bacon grease and cook it with vinegar and sesame oil dressing.

Use pepper, tomatoes, and onion or carrots to enhance flavor.  Alternatively, you can deep fry the okra and enjoy your meal. 

6. Cheddar Biscuits for a Party

6 what to serve with Jambalaya

There’s no better way of serving a huge number with cheddar biscuits and jambalaya. It will leave everyone full and happy after having a hearty meal.

Preparing them is so easy and fast, so you won’t keep your guests waiting. Serve them while still warm and fresh. 

7. Tasty Hush Puppies

7 what to serve with Jambalaya

Make this southern staple and get an amazing taste when you serve it with jambalaya. Its ingredients include yellow cornmeal, egg, and flour. It’s easy to make and will take you around 20 minutes to complete. 

8. Easy Caesar Salad

8 what to serve with Jambalaya

Make this tasty green salad and enjoy serving it as a side dish with jambalaya. You need ingredients like romaine lettuce, croutons, and olive oil or lemon juice for dressing.

Also, egg cheese anchovies, Dijon mustard, and Worcestershire sauce are necessary. It’s easy and fast to prepare. 

9. Green Bean Salad

9 what to serve with Jambalaya

Prepare your green bean salad by dressing it with citrus or balsamic. But the dressing choice mainly depends on the type of jambalaya you’re going to make.

Use citrus dressing if you’re making a spicy jambalaya. This salad will make your combination crunchy with tangy flavors.  

10. Healthy Coleslaw

10 what to serve with Jambalaya

Coleslaw is a popular side dish that you should know how to prepare at home. All you need is carrots, raw cabbage, and mayonnaise for the dressing. 

But you can replace mayonnaise with olive oil if you wish. Prepare it within five minutes and serve it with jambalaya. 

11. Cajun Maque Choux Pasta Salad

11 what to serve with Jambalaya

Since jambalaya has got rich flavors, you can tone it down with this creamy and tangy salad. It contains various ingredients that will leave you craving for more.

You can make it beforehand and enjoy it as the herbs rejuvenate your body. It’s kid-friendly, so your babies too will love it.

12. Spicy Ham and White Beans

12 what to serve with Jambalaya

Use ham bone to make a perfect dish after mixing it with white beans. It’s an ideal way of utilizing the ham bones you’ve been keeping in the freezer.

Mix it with thyme, onions, and garlic to make it tastier. Serve it with jambalaya and have a very delicious meal.

13. Mouth-Watering BBQ Shrimp

13 what to serve with Jambalaya

Serve this buttery shrimp with complex and smoky jambalaya for a fulfilling meal. To make the shrimps tasty, add garlic, lemon, and Worcestershire.

You can add your favorite wine to the table and accompany the great combination. 

14. Au Gratin Sweet Potatoes

14 what to serve with Jambalaya

Go an extra mile and prepare some sweet potatoes, which will blend well with jambalaya.

It’s creamy, cheesy, and soft, which is a perfect contrast with the spicy jambalaya. To save on time, prepare them earlier and only reheat when ready to serve.

15. Crispy Garlic Bread

15 what to serve with Jambalaya

Enjoy a crunchy side dish with your jambalaya. It’s buttery and cheesy, so you’ll have a great combo that’s flavorful.

It’s easy to prepare and will take around 22 minutes to be ready.

16. Amazing Dinner Rolls

16 what to serve with Jambalaya

Serve your jambalaya with these soft, supple, and tasty rolls. It’s perfect for dinner as they make you slumber in no time.

Mix warm water, milk, yeast, and butter in a mixer and follow the right procedure.

Within one hour, they’ll be ready to serve them. Its attractive color with charming shape won’t just allow you to spare the jambalaya. 

17. Black Eyed Peas

17 what to serve with Jambalaya

Please don’t confuse the name for its taste because it will disappoint you as it’s delicious. It’s a perfect way to bring a classic southern dish to your kitchen. It’s easy to prepare and also a good source of nutrients. 

18. Healthy Cucumber Tomato Salad

18 what to serve with Jambalaya

Make this simple salad within no time and serve it with jambalaya.  It will help you add more flavors to jambalaya and also benefit your health-wise.

Refrigerate to make it cold and enjoy the feeling it will give you as it passes your throat. 

19. Savory Crepes

19 what to serve with Jambalaya

Although making this dish may take your time, it’s easy to prepare. It’s sweet and requires the normal ingredients you have in your kitchen.

You’ll need sugar, milk, melted butter, all-purpose flour, and eggs.

It’s appetizing that no one will resist eating it when you serve with jambalaya. To make it have a savory taste, use thyme, garlic, and parsley.  

20. Easy Zucchini

20 what to serve with Jambalaya

Prepare this dish to make your jambalaya have a crunchy feel. It’s easy to make, and you can either sauté, fry, or eat it raw.

You can be creative with it by peeling it into attractive ribbons. Zucchini has a lot of health benefits, and it’s a good dish for refreshing.

21. Grilled Oyster for SeaFood Lovers

21 what to serve with Jambalaya

If you’re into seafood, this is the perfect time to serve it with jambalaya. Oyster is not only sweet but buttery with great flavors.

You can make remoulade sauce for your oyster and enjoy your meal. You’ll only need 25 minutes to prepare it.

22. Corn Maque Choux

22 what to serve with Jambalaya

To prepare this dish, you’ll need tomatoes, bell peppers, and corn. Making it easy as you’ll sauté the veggies, add corn and any of your favorite spices.

Allow the vegetables to simmer well to make them soft and juicy. If you want it to be a salad, drain the excess soup.

Add Dijon mustard vinegar and sugar to make it tastier. You’ll love it when you serve it with jambalaya.  

23. Crawfish Pie

23 what to serve with Jambalaya

Serve your jambalaya with crawfish pie and enjoy your mouth-watering meal. Crawfish pie is tasty and a good option for eating seafood.

It’s a good source of sodium but with low-fat content. It’s easy to prepare, but the whole process might take you more than one hour.

Serving crawfish and jambalaya is a great way of making the pickiest eaters come to your table.

24. Simple Green Salad

24 what to serve with Jambalaya

Make a simple green salad consisting of creamy avocado and tangy goat cheese in no time.

It’s tasty, crunchy, and cool, good when you serve it with jambalaya. It has no sugars or calories making it a healthy pick. Add avocado when you’re about to eat.

25. Seafood Phyllo Cups

25 what to serve with Jambalaya

Make these seafood cups when you have a party and serve it as an appetizer with jambalaya. It will leave your guests yearning for more jambalaya.

It’s easy to make and consists of crab meat, shrimp. But for seasoning use your favorite. You’ll also need phyllo to make the cups; you can buy them at a food store.

26. Baguette

26 what to serve with Jambalaya

Bring a French dish to your dining by making a baguette. It’s a French bread that is crusty with a buttery texture and great flavor.

Making it is easy, and you can serve with jambalaya and have a delicious combination. You’ll require four ingredients to prepare this French bread and finish cooking it within no time. 

27. Healthy Green Veggies

27 what to serve with Jambalaya

You can decide and prepare your favorite green veggies combination and serve with jambalaya. This combination is healthy as they are a good source of nutrients.

You can combine collard greens, chard, and brussels sprouts. Use onions, brown sugar vinegar, and oil to sauté them.

Making this combination won’t take your time, and it’ll make jambalaya tastier. 

28. Smoked Oyster Spread

28 what to serve with Jambalaya

If you’ve got a craving for roasted seafood, make this dish. It will be even better if you serve it with jambalaya.

It’s delicious and full of great flavors with a creamy texture. You can add some veggies to this seafood and enjoy it to your maximum. 

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29. Beetroot Salad

29 what to serve with Jambalaya

You can prepare beetroot salad and serve with jambalaya. Beetroot is a colorful veggie that will blend well with the color of jambalaya. It doesn’t have fats cholesterol which is good for your health. 

30. Tasty Tomato Salad

30 what to serve with Jambalaya

You can prepare ripe tomato salad and serve them with jambalaya. It’s a healthy side dish that doesn’t need cooking. It’s a good choice when you don’t want much on your plate. Add lime or vinegar to get a better taste. 

31. Cajun Sausage Puffs 

31 what to serve with Jambalaya

Serve your jambalaya with these amazing puffs to help you revive your appetite. Preparing them isn’t hard, and they’re perfect for parties. To make the sausage puffs tastier, have some toppings.


what to serve with jambalya

If you love jambalaya and want a different way to eat it, serve it with a side dish. Having a side dish will not only make it tastier, but some will help you with your cravings.

Pick on your best side dish and enjoy your dinner or lunch. Hope this recipe will make you creative in your kitchen.

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