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Top Foods That Provide Essential Nutrients for Optimum Oral Health

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Oral health plays a crucial role in maintaining your overall health. By taking care of your mouth, you can improve your teeth’s appearance and the smell of your breath. You can also reduce your risk of developing some serious medical conditions, which can affect your well-being. 

Because of these, it’s important to take your oral health seriously by revisiting your diet and hygiene practices. Generally, diet and hygiene are two essential things for a healthy mind and body. If you are concerned about your oral health, being mindful of the foods you eat can make a difference.

Oral hygiene experts suggest avoiding processed foods containing high levels of sugars, acidic foods, and high carbohydrate low nutrition food items.

Instead, opt for foods with minimum carbohydrates and sugars with a high nutritional value. Read on as we share top foods you can use to provide your teeth with the required nutrients and help in improving oral care. 

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Dairy Products

Cheese and butter are a great source of Vitamin K2 which is necessary for healthy gums and teeth. Most mammals can convert Vitamin K1 to K2 in their body whereas humans depend on Vitamin K2 from a source.

One thing to remember is that not all dairy sources are rich in Vitamin K2. The animals that are given grains or corn might not have high Vitamin K2 levels, while grass-fed animals have optimum levels of Vitamin K2. Eggs, liver, and beef are some other options to consider. 

Green Vegetables

Leafy greens and vegetables promote the production of nitrate-producing bacteria that live in the oral cavity and naturally keep the teeth and gums clean.

The minerals in leafy greens also improve mineralization, making the teeth strong. Arugula, spinach, and kale are some great options you can incorporate into your diet. 

Cacao Beans and Nibs

We use cacao to make chocolate but it can also be used as a natural ingredient for cleaning teeth and preventing the growth of bacteria. Cacao contains an extract called polyphenol that naturally kills cavity-forming bacteria and prevents the build-up of plaque on the teeth.

Polyphenols deposit on the teeth surface, creating a layer that protects the teeth. If you are unable to find cacao nibs, consider using small amounts of dark chocolate without any added sugar or other additives. 

Fish Products

Consuming fatty fish is a great way to refill the body with Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for a plethora of metabolic processes including the mineralization of teeth.

Vitamin D and K2 work together to mineralize and strengthen teeth. Without adequate levels of Vitamin D, the enamel surrounding the teeth’s surface can wear off easily, leading to tooth decay. 

Fish is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which strengthen the gums and prevent bruising or bleeding. Salmon and tuna are great options to get your fix of Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Citrus Fruits

Orange and grapefruit are two excellent sources of Vitamin C and are beneficial for the teeth. These fruits should be used in moderation because excessive consumption can decrease the outcomes.

Vitamin C strengthens the muscles and connective tissue, reduces inflammation of gums, and prevents diseases. However, if you are suffering from a disease related to the oral cavity and happen to live in Scottsdale, consider visiting a local orthodontist.

Visiting a Scottsdale orthodontist is crucial as there are a variety of medical conditions that need speedy evaluation as well as easily accessible and adequate treatment from certified orthodontists.

After you have been treated, always take care of your teeth by following an oral hygiene routine to get the best outcomes. 


Water is the healthiest drink available and is an essential component of life. Our body contains 60 percent water. Distribution of nutrients, maintenance of metabolic processes, and removal of waste are some of the main functions of water.

Our drinking water is also loaded with fluoride which prevents tooth decay. The fluoride in water fights cavities, resulting in naturally strong teeth. 

Apples and Pears

Eating hard fibrous fruits like apples, pears, and guava naturally cleans the teeth, strengthening the muscles used by the oral cavity and increasing salivation. These fruits contain malic acid and citric acid which are neutralized by the extra produced saliva.

Eating an apple is better than drinking juice as the natural sugars in the juice can affect teeth, slow down healing, and promote the build-up of harmful bacteria. Pears also contain natural acids that can neutralize the acids present in the mouth and prevent decay. 

Raisins and Berries

Most berries contain antioxidants like polyphenols that reduce tooth decay and clean the oral cavity from microorganisms. It is best to eat fresh berries instead of packaged ones as they contain added sugars that can decrease the health of teeth.

Raisins contain phytochemicals including oleanolic acid which also slows down tooth decay. This acid is effective against bacterias like streptococcus mutans and porphyromonas gingivalis which cause tooth decay and other periodontal diseases. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are loaded with Vitamin A and promote the development of a mucus membrane that covers the gums and protects them. Maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin A allows the production of keratin that is used by the body to build tooth enamel. 

Garlic Cloves

Chemical allicin is present in garlic that has antimicrobial properties, making the oral cavity free of harmful microorganisms. Allicin also prevents tooth decay and many other periodontal diseases. Furthermore, eating raw onions in your salad gives you antimicrobial properties that ward off bacterias that cause gum diseases. 

Whole Grain Foods

Instead of consuming simple carbohydrates, opt for whole-grain foods like oatmeal, brown rice, or products made out of whole grains. They contain complex carbohydrates that are not easy for the bacteria in the oral cavity to break down.

Besides inhibiting the provision of energy to bacteria, whole grains also contain a lot of nutrients that provide some essential nutrients to keep teeth and gums healthy. Not only that but whole grain foods may also help improve sleep quality by reducing stress level and anxiety. For example, eating oatmeal before bed can promote a better night’s sleep, which is essential in boosting the physical functioning of your body as well as your mental and oral health.

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The top foods above will help provide your teeth with the right nutrition, thus keeping them healthy and strong. For your own good, taking care of your teeth and gums should be an ongoing hygiene habit. But aside from consuming foods that provide essential nutrients for your oral health, it’s also important to keep some nutritional facts in mind to achieve a more favorable outcome. 

Firstly, you know what to avoid and eat in moderation. For example, if you eat solid food, it may take a longer time to cleared from your mouth, thereby increasing the risk of developing plaques. On the other hand, sticky foods tend to stick to your teeth which may cause tooth decay and erosion.

Secondly, you should do smart snacking to ensure optimum oral health. If you can’t fight the urge to snack sweets frequently, then you should make the habit of brushing your teeth after snacking. If you’re conscious about the food you eat, you can choose teeth-friendly snacks, such as fruits and vegetables. 

Lastly, for your own good, taking care of your teeth and gums should be an ongoing hygiene habit. Even after a root canal treatment for your cavitated tooth, or after periodontal treatment, it is necessary to follow up; even if the symptoms of the disease resolve.

Lastly, don’t forget to practice your oral hygiene regularly and never miss an appointment with your dentist; most diseases related to the mouth, teeth, or gums can be prevented early on.

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