Kitchen DecorMoving Into a New Apartment? Here's How to Get Your Kitchen Ready

Moving Into a New Apartment? Here’s How to Get Your Kitchen Ready

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Moving into a new apartment is both exciting and daunting. As the heart of your home, your kitchen deserves special attention. Before you settle in, remember that careful planning will make the transition smoother.

Profound preparation can elevate a simple cooking space into a practical and enjoyable kitchen. This guide focuses on turning your ‘new’ into ‘home’, particularly before moving day arrives. 

So tighten your apron as we navigate setting up your ideal ‘cocina’!

Planning Ahead: Essential Kitchen Items to Purchase

You’ve finally secured your new spot, congratulations! But before you rejoice too much, take time to plan. Focus on the must-have kitchen essentials immediately after moving in, especially if you’re planning to host your family members for the first time. 

You don’t want to find yourself with a frying pan but no spatula, right?

Jot down a comprehensive list of required kitchenware. Plan for enough plates, glasses, cutlery, and small appliances like kettles or microwaves. 

A planned shopping trip prevents unnecessary stress as you transition into your new space.

Functionality First: Preparing Your Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout can significantly influence its functionality. It’s not just about where the fridge or oven goes, but considering efficiency.

Consider the classic ‘working triangle’ concept. It logically places the sink, stove, and refrigerator in a triangular pattern for ease of movement.

Thoughtful placement creates an organized kitchen, ready to whip up meals as soon as you move in.

Pre-Move Deep Clean: Why It’s Necessary

While your new apartment might look clean, a deeper cleanse isn’t just washing walls and mopping floors.

Don’t overlook hidden spots. Kitchen cupboards, stove hoods, and behind appliances can house grime and old food splatters not visible at first glance.

A thorough pre-move scrub sets a hygienic foundation for your new cooking space. So get those gloves on—it’s time to clean from top to bottom.

Hire a Deep Cleaning Service (e.g. in Brooklyn)

If scrubbing isn’t your thing or you’re short on time, consider hiring local professionals to do the job for you. 

Let’s say you’re moving to a home in the Dumbo neighborhood. Services specializing in a personalized approach can deep clean a Brooklyn apartment, ensuring every nook is spotless before you move in. With their expertise and equipment, these services guarantee an efficient and thorough cleaning. 

Trusting professionals with this task lets you focus on other aspects of your move. Plus, it’s always soothing to know your kitchen will be bacteria and grime-free.

Pest-Proofing Your New Kitchen

Unfortunately, after a deep clean, pests could still invade your space – especially in the kitchen. With stored food and water supply, it creates a perfect habitat for unwelcome critters.

Before you move in, invest time in pest-proofing measures like plugging holes and covering open pipes where possible. Shrink any openings to the smallest size.

A pest-free kitchen is essential for both hygiene and peace of mind. So take that extra step to ensure creepy crawlies don’t claim your pantry.

Installing New Fixtures and Appliances

Adding new fixtures or appliances? The ideal time to get it done is now. Whether it’s the dishwasher, a new faucet, or fancy lighting fixtures, try to install them before the move.

Also, make sure you have enough cabinets and shelves for your needs. An organized kitchen allows for efficiency.

Professional help is worth considering for tricky installations. Saving time now will spare you any potential kitchen mayhem later.

Safety Check On Plumbing and Electrics for Sanity

Ensuring the functional plumbing and electrical systems in your kitchen is paramount. Faucet leaks or circuit overloads could spell disaster later.

An inspection before moving in will help to identify potential issues. It’s better to be safe than end up with a flooded kitchen or an unexpected power cut.


By following these steps, you’re not just setting up a kitchen. You’re creating a safe, clean, and comfortable space that will nourish your homely experiences. Now, sit back as you get ready to enjoy cooking in your well-prepared kitchen. Good luck with the move!

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