Kitchen Gadgets9 Must-Have Kitchen Essentials For Hosting Family

9 Must-Have Kitchen Essentials For Hosting Family

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If you are hosting family for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. You may not know what kitchen utensils or gadgets you need to have on hand to make your job easier. But don’t worry! Here are 9 kitchen essentials that every hosting family should have in their kitchen. 

A water filter pitcher 

Clean water is an important part of everyday life. When you use a water filter pitcher, you can be sure your guests are getting the cleanest water available to them during their visit. This ensures that they stay in good health and help prevent digestive issues while staying in your home. 

water filter pitcher

Not only is filtered water healthier for your guests but it’s also better for kitchen appliances like coffee makers, tea kettles, and rice cookers when used with tap water. When you opt for water purification, it will ensure these kitchen essentials last longer because they won’t get clogged up by sediment or minerals found in regular tap water. These contaminants reside on kitchen surfaces as well which can cause cross-contamination if not cleaned properly between uses of different foods or beverages (i.e., raw meat and vegetables). 

A sturdy cutting board

A cutting board is one kitchen essential for preparing food. It is used to cut food on and it needs to be sturdy enough so that you can chop or dice things without worrying about the board moving around. 

Make sure your kitchen essentials are comfortable, practical, durable, and fit with your personality! A kitchen should feel like a home away from home, so make it like that by using quality kitchen utensils and appliances. Having a sturdy cutting board means you can cut food on it easily without worrying about the board moving around. It should be comfortable to work with and have a non-slip base so that you don’t risk cutting yourself! Cutting boards come in many different materials, patterns, shapes, and sizes so there are kitchen essentials for everyone out there!

Sharp cutting knives

A set of sharp kitchen knives is a kitchen is something you must have in yours. A dull knife will not cut or slice food effectively and can be dangerous to use when cutting vegetables, meat, and other foods. Using a sharp kitchen knife requires much less effort than using a dull kitchen blade because it glides through the food effortlessly without having to apply excessive pressure on the blade. 

Sharp kitchen utensils also allow cooks to have better control over their cuts so that they don’t waste any ingredients since every piece of food will be evenly sliced with precision. It is important to keep all knives clean in order for them not only to look good but work properly too which means you should watch how you clean them. 

Here’s a list of knife types you must have in your kitchen: 

  • boning knife 
  • kitchen shears 
  • chef’s knife 
  • paring knife 
  • bread knife 
  • slicing knife 
  • kitchen utility knife

How to choose a knife for a particular purpose?

A knife is a multipurpose tool; it can be used for many purposes. You need different types of knives for different purposes and types of food. Some of the common and important purposes of a knife are cutting, peeling, slicing, kneading, carving, grating and chopping.

These are the most common purposes which we use a knife for. There are various other types of knives which are used in a kitchen. Choosing a knife for a particular purpose depends upon how you use the knife. This is because the type of knife you choose will decide the performance of your knife.

A knife is very important when it comes to cooking or baking. But if you choose the wrong type of knife, you will not be able to use your knife effectively. You need to select a knife which has good grip and is strong enough to cut through the food without any resistance. It should be very sharp and smooth.

You also need to consider the material of the handle. If you are planning to buy a knife for cooking and baking, then you must have a look at Kitchen Kiddo to choose the best one for you. 

A kitchen towel 

Your kitchen must stay clean, and kitchen towels are a great way to maintain that cleanliness. Kitchen towels are used for a variety of different things, and you can use them as an alternative to kitchen cloths or regular paper towels. There are several reasons why this is the case:

You can easily wipe up spills on counters with your hands or utensils. It’s important not to use paper towels for this as it can lead to cross-contamination. Also, by using these, you don’t have to worry about the mess absorbing into your cloth towel. Kitchen towels are thick and made of fabric which means that any spill will just roll right off onto a surface where you can easily clean it up.

They dry quickly, so after cleaning spills or wiping down surfaces they’re ready to use again! 

Quality pots and pans with a variety of sizes

No kitchen is complete without pots and pans that can handle a variety of kitchen tasks. The kitchen essentials for hosting a family should include pots and pans, but they should also be made from quality materials. 

Enameled cast iron is one material option. Cast iron cookware has been used in kitchens around the world for hundreds of years because it lasts forever with proper care and does not require a kitchen renovation. On the contrary, non-stick cookware is made from synthetic materials and can be hazardous to health because chemicals are released when heated over certain temperatures.

Non-stick frying pan

frying pan with non stick

In order to avoid annoying situations, you should get a quality non-stick frying pan. This kitchen essential will make it easier to cook and clean food, leaving no residue behind on the surface of your kitchen utensil. Also, the frying pan will be easier to clean if you cook food in it with little or no oil at all.

There are many kitchen utensils made of different materials that could work as well for this purpose but non-stick surfaces usually last longer and also save time when cooking.

Set of measuring cups and spoons

Measuring dishes are very important kitchen essentials to have. They are useful for baking, cooking, and portioning food items. The measuring cups can measure dry ingredients like flour or sugar while the kitchen scale is necessary when you need to weigh meats, fish, and other protein sources before preparing them. Measuring spoons are used to measure smaller portions of liquids such as spices, salt, or pepper.

Without them, you would have a much harder time getting the amounts right. 

A good set of mixing bowls

Mixing bowls are kitchen essentials that can be used for a number of kitchen tasks. The boxes they come in might indicate how many bowls are included, but there is no official rule on the exact quantity to have. Some people prefer having more than one bowl so it’s easy enough to stop what you’re doing and reach for another bowl when mixing or serving different items.

They come in a variety of sizes so you’ll be sure you always have the right one by your side. Mixing salads, along with preparing other foods will be much easier. 

A blender for making smoothies and sauces

A utensil that would make a lot of jobs simpler is a kitchen blender. It’s great for making sauces or smoothies, so it can be one of the most used kitchen essentials you have at your disposal. Depending on what type of kitchen blender you buy, there are some with different speed settings and features that would make life easier when preparing food in the kitchen. 

Hosting families must have all of these in order to have an easier time preparing everything. Make sure you cook with clean water and have a set of dishes for everything you’ll make. Also, always have good cleaning equipment by your side. Good luck!

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