Kitchen Gadgets15 Reasons Why You'll Want an Outdoor Pizza Oven in Your Yard

15 Reasons Why You’ll Want an Outdoor Pizza Oven in Your Yard

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Some of us love pizza almost religiously. Even if you don’t worship pizza, it is likely that it is one of your favorite foods. Did you know that 94 percent of Americans eat pizza daily? It’s incredible how a food item can dominate an entire nation’s regular meals!

Don’t you just hate it when home pizza doesn’t taste like the ones you get in pizzerias? Having an outdoor pizza oven can change that.

An outdoor oven can give your pizza that authentic smoky flavor. Need more reasons to bring one home? 

Here are a few reasons why you’ll want an outdoor pizza oven in your yard.

1. Gives You a Reason to Make Pizza

Making a pizza can be challenging, which is why we don’t make it often. It is much easier to call up the nearest pizza joint and order takeout. However, that can be detrimental to your health and your wallet. Get an outdoor pizza oven if you always find excuses not to make pizza even though you love it.

Having a dedicated outdoor pizza oven gives you a reason to make pizza more often. Since the pizza always comes out so well, you will feel encouraged to make it frequently.

Cooking time goes down drastically in a piping hot outdoor pizza oven. You get to eat fresh and delicious pizza fast. You won’t have to eat boring, homemade food when the food you are making at home is pizza! 

People often opt for frozen pizza because all you have to do is cook it. Even frozen pizza will have a better taste when cooked in an outdoor oven. 

2. Can Be Your Next DIY Project

If you are handy and love updating your yard, you can consider making your own pizza oven. All you will need is a plan and a few items like bricks, cement, sand, and other building supplies. No better addition to your yard than an outdoor pizza oven that you made!

You can actually build a brick one for under a thousand dollars. A clay or cement one can cost even less, lower than $500 dollars. Making your own outdoor pizza oven can be worth the trouble if you are into DIY.

If you want to pass on the hard work to someone else, hire a contractor. They can build one within two hours, but it will cost you a hefty amount.

Not a big fan of DIY or spending a lot of money? You can easily buy a readymade wood, coal, or propane outdoor pizza oven. Check out Yard Cave’s reviews for the best outdoor pizza oven.

3. Makes Better Pizza

If you want to make superior pizza at home, there’s no better solution than an outdoor pizza oven. Pizza restaurants have dedicated pizza ovens. This is why even the thickest crusts taste good. Apizza oven simply cooks better. The heat spreads evenly, giving you consistently good results.

Your outdoor pizza oven will make the crust chewy with an added crunch. The toppings will be well cooked, with the smoky cheese oozing and stretchy!

Anyone who has used a wood-fueled oven knows how delicious the food comes out. The smokiness of the wood elevates the flavor of whatever is cooked in it.

You even get the opportunity to add another layer of flavor to your pizza. You can use any cooking wood to make your pizza more aromatic!

If you get an outdoor oven that uses coal as fuel, you will get that charcoal flavor of grilled food in your pizza.

4. Makes Other Items Too

We can never eat one dish continuously for days without getting tired of it. No one wants to buy an appliance that can only make one thing because most will consider it a waste of money. But your outdoor pizza oven is not one of those appliances, because it can make other items too!

One helpful thing you can use your outdoor oven for is baking. You can make the flakiest quiche or pie with it. You can also bake bread or even meatloaf. Make sure you use a thermometer to monitor the temperature, or buy an oven that has one built-in.

Experiment with your outdoor pizza oven. You will be surprised to find that you can make pretty much anything with it, from juicy steaks to smoky vegetables. It’s great for any meal.

You can also try making your favorite desserts like s’mores, cookies, brownies, and even cakes. As long as you know the right temperature to use and have a way to measure it, your desserts will turn out great.

5. Buying One Is Cheaper than You’d Think

An outdoor pizza oven sounds like a luxury. Even if that’s true, it’s an affordable one. You already know how much money it can take to build one, which can be expensive. It is much easier and cheaper to buy outdoor appliances instead.

Just as you might buy an outdoor grill or smoker, your pizza oven is a similar appliance. Most people don’t know that outdoor pizza ovens cost no more than a good outdoor grill.

They are weatherproof and often quite sturdy, totally worth the investment! Usually small and portable, they are very easy to set up. You will find that they are surprisingly powerful for their size.

As for the cost, most range from $230 to $350. Those that come with extra features can cost more. However, you don’t need to buy the most expensive one to get value for your money. You can buy one for under $250 that is fully functional and powerful.

6. An Excuse to Use Your Yard

When you are busy and don’t like gardening, your yard becomes just a useless patch of land. Not making use of your yard is a waste, especially when some people would literally kill to have that much space in their home.

If you buy an outdoor pizza oven, it will give your yard some purpose. It won’t be unused or neglected.

Since you will be making the pizza outdoors, you will want to enjoy it there as well. Just add a few chairs and a table to enjoy a lovely outdoor meal.

You might want to add a work area if you want to knead your dough or assemble your pizza outdoors.

Having an outdoor pizza oven will turn every meal into a picnic. You and your family will get more fresh air and sunlight. Once you start spending more time in the yard, you might get the motivation to upgrade the landscape. It might just make you want to garden!

7. Another Reason to Make an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Once you get an outdoor pizza oven and start using it, you will realize how wonderful it is to cook outside. This will become your motivation for building an outdoor kitchen for yourself.

There are plenty of reasons why outdoor kitchens are awesome. First of all, you get more fresh air. Cooking releases fumes that are easily inhaled indoors, even when you have ventilation. When you cook outdoors, the fumes will get dispersed quicker.

You will find plenty of outdoor kitchen design ideas online to inspire you. They can make your house look super luxurious. Transforming your yard into an outdoor kitchen is an excellent way of increasing the value of your home.

With your multipurpose pizza oven already there, you will only need a few more things to make your outdoor kitchen. Since it can make so many different dishes, you may not need to buy any other cooking appliances for your outdoor kitchen.

8. Saves Money

Life can be expensive when you love pizza. If you need at least a slice every day, it can eventually break your bank. Most people don’t even consider making pizza at home. Why put in the hard work when it never turns out the way you want, right?

But having a pizza oven changes that. Pizzas are honestly quite simple to make. Making the dough can be challenging, but you can always buy the frozen ones. You can also get good pizza sauce for cheap or make simple marinara at home.

When you frequently eat at restaurants or order in, it takes a chunk out of your savings. But don’t cut down on pizza. Get an outdoor pizza oven and make it at home. Once a pizza lover starts making pizza at home, they are bound to be pleasantly surprised at how much it cuts down their costs.

9. Saves Energy

Whether you use your regular gas oven or an electric one, it takes a lot of energy to cook pizza. This is because pizza should be cooked on high heat. Especially when using an electric oven, it can take a lot of electricity to do this.

This is bad news for any pizza lover on a budget, as no one wants to pay high utility bills. This is where an outdoor pizza oven can save you a lot of money. It is one of the cheapest ways to eat pizza regularly.

An outdoor pizza oven uses alternative fuels like wood, coal, or propane. Your outdoor wood-fired oven gets super hot really fast without consuming a lot of fuel. With a coal oven, you will only need to fill half or ¾ of the space in the oven drawer.

Even when using a propane oven, you will save money. It can be surprising how little propane it takes to make pizza in an outdoor oven. 

10. More Eco-friendly

We know what you are thinking. How can a wood-burning appliance be eco-friendly? Trees consume carbon dioxide to make food for themselves, which is why wood is considered a carbon-neutral fuel.

Whether the wood is burned or decomposes naturally, it will release carbon. As long as the carbon released by the dead trees is less or equal to the carbon absorbed by the live ones, it won’t harm the environment.

Even if you use a coal-fueled outdoor pizza oven, that is still more eco-friendly than an electric one. However, burning coal does pollute the air more than wood. If you make pizzas frequently, then you should opt for wood or propane. Those who make it occasionally can take a coal-fueled oven home. 

11. Gives You More Reasons to Throw Outdoor Parties

Did you know that buying an outdoor pizza oven can make you the resident outdoor party thrower?

If you have a pizza oven in your yard, any party you throw will be outdoors. Because, why not? Outdoor parties are a hoot.

People with a nice backyard or a swimming pool tend to throw a lot of them. Since the party venue is a part of their house, people often ask them to throw one. Outdoor pizza ovens are one of those things that makes people demand parties from you!

After all, who wouldn’t want to attend a party that offers (almost) unlimited pizza? Pizza is one of those crowd-pleaser food items people serve at parties. People often order one or two large pizzas when they arrange an intimate gathering of friends.

12. Elevates Your Outdoor Events

Whether you love pizza or not, you are bound to get fascinated by the process. The pizza oven can attract guests like moths to flames during an outdoor event. The sight of the dancing fire in the cave, with the smell of cooking pizza wafting through the air really creates that party atmosphere.

If you love cooking, an outdoor event can be your stage. Put on a cooking show for dazzled onlookers. Your pizza-loving guests will be mesmerized.

At an indoor party, the resident chef has to spend hours cooped up in the kitchen while there is a lively party outside. It can often be depressing for the host when they can’t enjoy their own party.

This is what makes having an outdoor pizza oven different. People will naturally gather around the pizza-making station. Since the guests will be around you, you can socialize while you prepare and cook their meal.

Sure, they might distract you too much or eat some of the ingredients (think cheese). But at least you won’t be cooking alone!

13. More Reasons to Stay Outdoors

Doctor telling you that you don’t have enough vitamin D in your body? Relax, it’s not uncommon.

With people being forced to stay cooped up in their houses for almost two years due to the pandemic, most of us are running low on vitamin D.

These days we spend more time indoors than ever before in human history. Whether binge-watching shows, playing video games or scrolling down social media, most of us prefer staying indoors. But becoming such homebodies makes us shun the outdoors like vampires.

So, whether you want to absorb more sunlight or get a tan, an outdoor pizza oven will give you more reasons to stay outdoors. Every time you want pizza, you will have to drag yourself outside to make one!

14. You Get to Eat Healthier

Eating pizza every day will surely make you end up in the hospital at some point in life. Unless you start making healthier versions at home.

We know what you are thinking. Some magic makes good restaurant pizza taste sensational. How can you ever say no?

Once you get an outdoor pizza oven and make your own authentic pizza, you won’t even want pizza from outside!

Many standard pizza ingredients are quite healthy. Whichever type of pizza you want, you can easily make the pizza sauce at home. When you use fresh and healthy ingredients to make your homemade pizza, you will eat healthier. 

15. Can Be a Fun Family Activity

Since everyone lives such busy lives, getting quality family time can be tough. Many experts are encouraging families to prepare meals together. This way, everyone helps out with the cooking, and the family members get to spend some time together.

Using an outdoor pizza oven is not just cooking; it’s an experience. While most people will find regular stove cooking boring, they won’t feel the same about an outdoor pizza oven. If you have children, they will easily get excited about pizza nights.

Making pizza is a lot of fun. While every family member participates in the meal prep, they will also love to watch the entire dish come together.

By making it an enjoyable activity, you can have a lovely time together with your family whenever you make pizza.

Final Thoughts

Did you like our reasons why you’ll want an outdoor pizza oven in your yard? If you did, you are probably convinced to get one soon. They can help you make the most delicious pizza ever!

Whether as a family activity or the main attraction of your neighborhood get-togethers, having an outdoor pizza oven is worth it.

Once you buy one, you will surely want to build an outdoor kitchen around it or at least spruce up your yard!

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