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4 Tips To Promote Efficient Product Packaging

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Once you have your product manufactured and tested, you’re confident now about selling it to the general public. But, before doing so, there’s one all-important thing you shouldn’t forget: the product packaging. 

When you give it so much thought, you’ll realize that your product packaging does more than just house your products per se. It’s also one you have to think thoroughly to use as protection for your products so they stay safe. It doesn’t go stale before the ‘best before date,’ and your products are well protected while in transit. Marketing-wise, the product packaging is what makes the first impression. It’s what’ll set your products apart from others on the shelf buyers are attracted by it. 

With all the heavy roles good product packaging plays, it’s not surprising too that if you aren’t careful enough, the costs may escalate. Or, your goals intended for choosing certain product packaging also aren’t met. It is where the need to promote efficient product packaging from sources like comes in. 

With that said, here are four tips on how you can promote efficient product packaging as a part of your business’ standards.

1. Keep Clarity In Mind

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Your packaging is effective when it’s able to keep your products safe. But, to be efficient, you have to go beyond that standard. A good place to start is to ensure your product packaging is speaks volumes as regards clarity. This means that before opening your product packaging, consumers are already aware of what it’s about and what it contains. There’s no doubt and question as to the contents, to avoid confusion or unmet expectations.

Clarity is a key component to efficiency as when it’s achieved, it means your product packaging was effective. After browsing through ten brands and variants of moisturizer on the shelf, your customers choose your product as it’s made a good first impression. Not only is the product packaging attractive, but by going through the labels, your target consumers are convinced your products are good buys.

2. Choose Sustainable Product Packaging

Sustainability and efficiency come hand-in-hand. It is necessary to follow that when you’re aiming for efficient product packaging, sustainability is a top criterion you have to meet. Nowadays, more businesses are striving to comply with their corporate social responsibility of abiding by environment-friendly processes. One of these is through choosing sustainable product packaging. 

You see, if you aren’t mindful of your choices, a lot of waste goes on with product packaging. Just think about how much single-use plastic and packaging still make it to the landfill regularly? And that’s only for one type of unsustainable packaging. Then, there are all the online parcels wrapped with so much unnecessary bubble wrap and other fillers. 

If you take more conscious effort in picking out your product packaging, you can easily promote both a sustainable and efficient one. Here are some pointers to start:

  • Ship items in bulk, so you can minimize using packaging with a lot of extra space left; 
  • Use packaging that can be repurposed, like boxes of good quality so they can be used over and over again or glass bottles for products like sauces, lotions, and other liquids, which can also be a storage container; 
  • Offer a returns program for returning your empty containers or utilizing them for your next purchase; 
  • Reduce your packaging to ensure you’re using boxes and plastics with the smallest size possible to fit the products you’re shipping or packing safely.

3. Streamline Packing Process

Streamlining the packing process is another factor that contributes to promoting product efficiency. Your business is more efficient with its product packaging when your employees can now pack more products within any given time. Otherwise, if it takes too long for your team to finish packing one set, it is a telling sign you may need to rethink how to package your products. 

For example, use technology to your advantage. It’s an investment that translates to higher returns, so it’ll always be worth it. If previously, your employees had to do manual packing from Point A to Point D, you may want to automate some points within the process. Doing so will speed up your packing process and reduce the need to re-pack your products due to errors.

4. Keep Product Packaging Simple

The more complicated your product packaging is, the less efficient it’ll be. There are two main reasons to support this train of thought in business:

  • First, complicated product packaging makes a busy design and confusing. Customers are going to have a hard time finding certain information they’re looking for. When they’re shopping in a rush, they’ll most likely pick up a competing product with a simple minimalist design, where the labels and details are clear. Your product packaging might become inefficient as it ceased to meet its marketing function of getting your products off the shelf and into the hands of your target consumers.
  • Second, complicated product packaging will take longer to finish in the production line. Consider this scenario. Product A and B both have the same size and contents. These are both competing products sold by competing businesses. 

A customer has ordered it online, so this means Company 1 selling Product A and Company 2 selling Product B has to ship those items. You’re Company 2. Company 1 only has two layers of packaging and fillers to ship Product A safely to the customer. On the other hand, you, Company 2, is still obsolete, needing four layers of packaging and fillers to ship Product B safely to your customer. It means it took you more time to finish packing the product, thereby taking a long time to fulfill the order. 

You will become inefficient as customers will choose to order from your competing brand if their orders arrive earlier than yours. Apart from customer satisfaction, your production costs are also more expensive with those extra layers of packaging which you may not necessarily need.


Businesses can greatly benefit from good production efficiency. Every little step you do to promote efficient product packaging counts. When you think about a single item, you may not think your efficient choices make a difference. But, when you consider your entire business in totality, that’s when the results start to kick in. It’s a lot of effort and change to be more mindful about promoting efficient product packaging. But, the results it translates to make it more worth it. It means benefits like cost-savings for your business and better perception and marketability with customers who appreciate your business more for being the cost-effective one.

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