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Vegas Bomb Shot Drink Recipe

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A party city like Vegas deserves an easy mix, party drink. True to its name, the Vegas bomb shot is a refreshing and handy drink to prepare for all types of occasions. As a city with high rollers and extravagant lifestyle, this drink epitomizes everything that is Vegas.

In this post, we will get to know more about this popular drink and of course give you a chance at mastering how to make one with an easy recipe. So, if you are in for this shot, read on. 

how to make vegas bomb shot

What is a bomb shot? 

A bomb shot is basically any alcoholic cocktail that is mixed with either beer, cola, or energy drink. In bars, a bomb shot can also be called a drop shot or depth charge and chugged at a one-time-big-time basis.

Some of the most popular bomb shots include the Jager bomb, Irish car bomb, sake bomb and of course the Vegas bomb shot. 

What is a Vegas bomb?

As the term implies, the Vegas bomb is derived from the party city Las Vegas. The name alludes to Vegas being a popular casino destination in the world.

The concept behind it is having a Royal Flush shot dunked in an energy drink, usually Red Bull. This combination makes it the ‘bomb’. As such, it is considered as the upgrade of the traditional Royal Flush drink served in casinos. 

It is not the most elaborate drink nor the craftiest shot but this one gives you taste like no other. It is commonly served in bars although it can also be ordered in casino tables. There have been a lot of bomb shots even before the Vegas bomb. It is said that this fast-rising popular drink was served in Las Vegas casinos in the 2000s. 

What is in a Vegas bomb?

Because this is such a fun drink, it is flexible to many substitutes and additions. You can also adjust proportions if you want the alcohol to be stronger or if you want a more subtle drink for family and friends to enjoy. But the traditionally, the following are the main components found in a Vegas bomb: 

  • Red Bull or any energy drink
  • Cranberry juice
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Crown Royal

Vegas bomb ingredients

As have been mentioned, Vegas bomb is a four-piece drink. The staple ingredients of this drink includes Red Bull, Crown Royal, cranberry juice and peach schnapps. But you can always notch it up a bit.

For instance, some add Malibu rum or coconut rum to the mix. Others would also combine Peach and butterscotch schnapps in one mix or spruce it with raspberry liqueur. 

There are other variations of the Vegas bomb, however, and some of these do not have the staple four ingredients. Here are some for your reference: 

Amaretto Vegas bombRed bull, peach schnapps, crown royal, amaretto
Johnny Vegas bombRed bull, tequila, watermelon schnapps
Butterscotch Vegas bombRed bull, crown royal, cranberry juice, Malibu rum, butterscotch schnapps
Virgin Vegas bombRed bull, cranberry juice, peach juice

Other popular variations of bomb drinks which include Red bull, schnapps, juices, and hard drink like the Crown Royal would be the following: 

Jager bombApple bomb
Skittle bombMelon bomb
Glitter bombBerry bomb
Dr Pepper bombCherry bomb
Black buca bomb
Flaming Doctor Pepper
Irish car bomb
Sake bomb

Vegas bomb products or equipment

Now that we know the ingredients that usually go with Vegas bomb, the following would be the equipment that you will have to prepare on your way to making one: 

Hi-ball glass/mixing glassThis is where the shots and mixed cocktails will be dropped.
Shot glassYou will need more than one shot glass to drop. 
Jigger/cocktail shakerThis is used in mixing the cocktail ingredients. 
StrainerUsed to strain the solid components in the jigger.
Low ball glassThis is where the whiskey is poured. 

These are very basic cocktail mixing equipment, affirming the fact that indeed, Vegas bomb is an easy peasy drink to mix. 

How to make a Vegas bomb shot

You now have the ingredients and have prepared the equipment to be used. So, how do you make a Vegas bomb shot? First, you must prepare the ‘Vegas’ in the bomb shot and that would be pouring in a generous amount of Crown Royal whiskey, along with the other ingredients (peach schnapps, juices). 

The second part or the ‘bomb’ part is a bit messy because in here, you will have to drop the shot glasses in the hi-ball glass containing the energy drink. You must be prepared for splashes, so make sure that there are rugs present when the shots are dropped. 

Red Bull substitutes

There are hundreds of alcohol and energy drink mixes that you can experiment on or recreate. As far as Vegas bomb is concerned, you can substitute Red Bull with the following energy drinks: 

  • Monster
  • Pussy
  • Nos
  • Java Monster Mean Bean
  • Zevia Zero
  • Mountain Dew Amp Energy

But then again, at the end of the day, nothing beats the traditional taste of Red Bull on bomb shots like the Vegas bomb. 

What does a Vegas bomb taste like?

Given the ingredients of the Vegas bomb, expect the smooth punch of the Crown Royal whiskey, the caffeinated sweetness rush from the energy drink, and the refreshing, subtle taste of the schnapps, and juices.

With all these flavors in one bomb shot, there is no wonder why the Vegas bomb is well-loved. 

How to drink Vegas bomb

The Vegas bomb is not just easy to prepare but well-loved too. It is popular among bachelorette parties, sorority parties and among college students. Basically, as we have outlined, you drink a Vegas bomb by dropping shot glasses containing cocktail mixes in a hi-ball glass containing Red Bull. You must chug the contents at once. 

You can also have a more sophisticated way to drink it if you do not like the rowdy, drop and chug way. Simply add all the cocktail ingredients in the shaker, add ice cubes, the red bull and a shot of crown royal and shake them all together. Pour in your glass and just drink. 

Vegas Bomb Shot Drink Recipe for Party

Vegas Bomb Shot Drink Recipe for Party

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

If anything, Vegas bomb shot is one of the easiest whiskey-based drinks to prepare, getting the party on groove in no time. Here is a Vegas bomb shot recipe which you can prepare for just 5mins.


  • 10ml cranberry juice
  • 10ml crown royal whiskey
  • 10ml coconut rum
  • 10ml Peach Schnapps
  • 2/3 can of Red Bull


  1. In a hi-ball glass, pour 2/3 can of Red Bull. Set aside.1 vegas bomb shot
  2. In a cocktail shaker, add cranberry juice, crown royal, coconut rum and Peach Schnapps. 2 vegas bomb shot
  3. Add a couple of ice cubes and shake for 10secs. 3 vegas bomb shot
  4. Use an ice strainer and pour mix in shot glasses. 4 vegas bomb shot
  5. Drop the shot glasses into the red bull. Tip the hi-ball glass slowly until it is down to one. 5 vegas bomb shot
Nutrition Information

Amount Per Serving Calories 73.3Cholesterol 0mgSodium 90mgCarbohydrates 4.8g

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