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Top Tips on Finding a Property if You Want a High-Quality Kitchen

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For many people, the main thing that they are looking for in a new property is a sizable, modern kitchen. The room that people spend most of their time in is in fact the kitchen, whether it’s cooking, socializing, or eating. If you want to find a property with a high-quality kitchen, then there are a few things that you need to consider.

If you are buying a property that hasn’t yet been built, but the agent has sent you specifications, then you should ask for a 3D rendering of the kitchen.

Here are some tips for finding properties with quality kitchens:

Search Filters

When you are using property search sites to look for properties, you can adjust your search filters such as location, size, type, and other features. According to the experts from this link, Make sure that you always have your search filters adjusted to show the properties that you are interested in and the qualities that you want, otherwise, you will have to go through lots of irrelevant and unwanted properties. Nearly all property websites have search filters, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty adjusting them.

Agent Specification

If you aren’t going to be using property sites and instead will be dealing with an agent, then you should make it clear from the very beginning of your search that you are looking for a property with a sizable, modern kitchen.

Telling them this makes your life and their lives easier because they won’t waste your time sending you properties that don’t meet your specifications, and you won’t waste their time constantly turning them down. Make sure that you give the agent with whom you are working a detailed explanation of what it is that you want so that they can find it for you.

Property Visits

When the agent that you are working with begins sending you properties, make sure that you go and visit them in person – when possible, of course. Pictures and videos rarely do a property’s interior justice.

They can either make a house look far too small, or instead, much too big. Visiting a property gives you a proper idea of how large the property’s kitchen is. It also allows you to inspect the fixtures and appliances, to see whether or not they are what you are looking for.

property visits

Virtual Viewings

If you can’t visit a property in person to inspect its kitchen, then ask the agent that you are working with to take a detailed video and arrange a virtual viewing for you.

There are two types of virtual viewings, the first being a virtual reality-style 3D tour through the property available on the agent’s website, and the second being a video call where they take you through the property.

The latter option allows you to interact with items more, which you can do by asking the agent to open cupboards and show you things, while the former gives you privacy and allows you to inspect the house at your own pace.

Regular Communication

Once you have hired an agent, make sure that you maintain regular communication with them. This is so that they don’t forget about you and so that you don’t miss out on any properties. It’s very common for agents to forget about clients when they have a lot of other clients to work with.

Check with your agent once or twice a week, asking them if they have any properties that fit your criteria. You should also regularly email them. With all of that said, since you are buying a property the agent will likely be in touch with you so that they can take their commission. If you notice them drifting away though, definitely get in touch.

Online Advertisements

If you don’t want to work with an agent or use a property site, then you can post online advertisements on websites like Gumtree. Online advertisements give you a real opportunity to express what you want, in your own words.

People that are selling houses that fit your criteria can then check your advertisement out and will be able to reach you directly, without an intermediary. If you are buying a house privately, you do need to make sure that you hire a conveyancer to handle the legal aspects of the property transfer. If you aren’t a trained lawyer, it’s a very bad idea to try and manage these things yourself.

New Builds

If there is an estate that’s been newly built in your area, you can ask the agent managing it for a catalog. These catalogs give you a rough idea of what every single house looks like, and what features they have for each price bracket.

You can also check out new developments that aren’t yet completed, as already mentioned. When development companies are building new houses, they will try to sell some of them before the development is even completed. They, like agents managing already built developments, will be able to provide you with a catalog. You can also customize the type of house that you want when you buy it from these development agencies. They will give you a list of features that you can adjust. You can then do this, send it back to them, secure the property, and your dream kitchen will be built just for you.

Affluent Areas

Finally, we arrive in affluent areas. If you are searching for a property with a large, nice kitchen, you will need to look in more affluent areas. While it’s entirely possible to find nice kitchens in poorer areas, it’s less common. With that said, some poorer areas have “character properties” such as cottages and traditionally built houses. If you are after a farmhouse-style kitchen, then it is these properties that you need to look for. But, for modern kitchens, look in affluent areas and new developments, as opposed to sleepy, rural areas with old houses.

The kitchen is the most important room in a house. You clearly already know this, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. If you are searching for a house with a nice kitchen, make sure to adjust your search filters or notify the agent that you are working with from the very beginning to increase your chances of finding a place that’s perfect for you.

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