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5 Healthy Drink Alternatives To Alcohol

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Nowadays, drinking alcohol is a common activity many people enjoy on various occasions. Some people consume it during celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries, while others simply drink their favorite alcoholic beverage to unwind and relax after a long day.  

Although alcohol intake is a practice you can do in moderation, it’s undeniable that it can lead to certain health complications. Thus, it may be good to switch to healthier alternatives and minimize your consumption of alcoholic drinks. If you’re looking for better substitutes, here are five options you can try:  

healthy drink alternatives to alcohol

1. Fresh Fruit Smoothies  

2 fruit smoothies

If you wish to enjoy a tasty drink but don’t want to intake alcohol, you can try making a fruit smoothie instead. Drinking alcohol frequently can cause liver inflammation or heart problems.

Some alcoholic beverages also contain many calories but lack nutrients, so consuming them won’t benefit your body in any way. Thus, it may be better to choose healthier options whenever you need to grab a drink.  

Concoctions made with fresh fruits can provide your body with various nutrients and satisfy your tastebuds at the same time. You can try different mixtures depending on the fruits in season and your preferences. For example, if you enjoy citrus flavors, you can make a smoothie with pineapples. Alternately, if you prefer something sweeter, you can use bananas and strawberries for your smoothie.  

Making fresh fruit smoothies is one of the most healthy recipes you can try if you wish to lessen your alcohol consumption.  They’re also easy to make, so you can easily enjoy a drink whenever you want.  

2. Kombucha  

3 kombucha mojito

If you’re looking for a substitute for soda or alcohol, kombucha may be worth a try. This drink is usually made with tea and sugar infused with yeast. It’s fermented for a week or more to allow the development of healthy bacteria. Once it’s ready for consumption, its formulation is similar to sparkling water or carbonated drinks. You can enjoy the bubbly taste while drinking this concoction and also reap the various benefits it can provide.  

Kombucha contains various B vitamins, which are essential in keeping your physique in good shape. It may also help aid your digestion and flush out the toxins in your body. Moreover, regularly drinking this beverage may aid in weight loss. So, if you’re trying to improve your body build and lose a few pounds, including this drink in your diet plan may help you achieve your fitness goals faster.  

3. Tea  

4 herbal teas

If you’re trying to lessen the number of liquid calories you consume for health reasons, it may be best to avoid alcohol. After all, a bottle of beer can contain around 100 to 200 calories and can quickly lead to a calorie surplus. So, if you’re trying to be healthier, switching alcohol with a more beneficial and less calorie-dense beverage may be a good idea. 

An excellent alcohol substitute you can try is tea. It’s a popular drink enjoyed worldwide with a lot of varieties available. It’s usually made with brewed tea leaves and can be mixed with milk or natural sweeteners like honey. If you want to simply enjoy a drink without worrying about your caloric intake, you can make a fresh cup without any additional ingredients. 

Consuming tea regularly can also provide your body with many benefits. For instance, drinking green tea may help boost your metabolism and aid the fat-burning process. So, if you’re trying to practice a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, adding this drink to your diet plan may help you see results faster. Tea also contains antioxidants that may help lessen your risk of developing certain forms of cancer. Hence, if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, including tea in your routine may be an excellent choice.  

4. Alcohol-Free Cocktails

pink color peach mocktail

Consuming alcohol can intoxicate you and even cause a hangover. When this happens, you may need to take a day off from your responsibilities to recover and feel better. However, if you usually enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two during special occasions, giving it up completely may be challenging. So, there may be instances when you’d feel like grabbing a drink without worrying about suffering its effects the next day.

One way you can still enjoy a drink without worrying about the effects of alcohol is by consuming an alcohol-free cocktail. For example, if you’d like a margarita but want to skip the shot of tequila, you can opt for a mocktail version instead. There are various alternative recipes you can try to recreate your favorite cocktail without adding any type of alcohol. If you’re in a restaurant or bar for a drink, you can also ask for a non-alcoholic version. This way, you can still get the familiar taste of your favorite cocktail without worrying about consuming alcohol.  

5. Infused Water 

1 fruit water

Consuming liquids is essential to keep your body hydrated and healthy. However, not all drinks can fulfill the needs of your body. Some beverages like alcohol can’t replenish the liquids you lose and instead strip your body of essential fluids. Diuretic drinks can dehydrate you and may lead to various health concerns. Hence, it’s advisable to keep an eye on your liquid consumption and ensure you’re drinking water. 

Although water consumption is a must to keep your physique in good shape, there may be times when you’ll get tired of plain water. Fortunately, there’s a tastier alternative you can try to fulfill your daily water intake.  

Infused water is an excellent substitute for plain water, soda, or alcohol. You can make it by adding natural ingredients like fruits into your water. It’s a healthy beverage that can please your taste buds without causing your body to lose essential fluids. Some mixtures may also provide various benefits to your body. For example, mixing cucumber and mint into your drink may help aid your digestion and weight loss.  

Final Thoughts  

Drinking alcohol may be fun, but it can also cause adverse effects on your body. Consuming alcoholic drinks like beer or tequila frequently may put your health at risk. Thus, it’s best to prioritize healthier alternatives and minimize your intake of alcoholic beverages. For instance, you can opt for an alcohol-free cocktail or a fruit smoothie to keep your body in good shape and steer clear of alcohol’s adverse effects like intoxication and liver problems. 

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